Dark by Design Picture

This is the lineart for my cover page for my manga/comic that I came up with kinda over night. I'm really excited about this project actually. And to my B-chan, I think Draconi is dead in the water... so I'm going to devote myself to Dark by Design.

I'm not going to give away too much of the comic, cause, hell, I want to get it published. Buuuut basically, the girl is Migumi, she's around twenty years old, she has numbers on her arm, and she's a total strong silent "don't you dare look at me wrong" kinda person. Though she has her reasons and they're really sad once you learn them.

The thing behind her is... BUMBUMBUUUUUMMMM!! Something I like to call a God Creature or God Beast or God Embodiment. Five hundred thirty seven years ago, in the year 2097, the God creatures came from the sky, enraged by man kinds blatant challange to their powers by trying to become like them, the final straw was scientists misusing the power to bring people back from the dead. The world was destroyed as the 'ancients' knew it, and almost all technology of that time was lost to the now sweeping deserts of the world. One of the eight God Creatures was this guy, Necromance, God Embodiment of Darkness and Death, also refered to in ancient mytholog as Necromance the All Seeing for the eye on his forehead sees all your sins and judges you upon your death and fall to him. If you do good, you go where you're supposed to, wherever you wanna call it, if you did bad... he eats you. That simple.

Now. What does Migumi have to do with big bad Necromance you ask? Well... it's kinda revieled in the first few pages sooooo... When the Eight God Beasts fell to earth to deliver their punishement, they remained upon this plane, in secret locations, to slumber and watch over mankind, to make sure they didn't become something as horrible as they had been. The current military/government of the entire planet, called the Overworld, somehow managed to find Necromance slumbering home and took him into custody. They then did something that is far worse than bringing someone back to life... they took from Necromance his All Seeing Eye and put it into a human body. That human body is, you guessed it, Migumi. She was kidnapped off the streets at a young age, like seven or so, and had her eye left eye removed (ripped*cough*) out only to have the God Eye put in.

She wears the eyepatch because if the God Eye is reveiled and opened then the all mighty, furious, divine power of Necromance comes surging out from her and kills all within range. Migumi escaped the little area where they were trying to train her to be like their 'ultimate weapon against the resistance' and find herself wandering the sands of the world until the beginning of the manga.
I'm done rambling!
^_^ That's it in a nutshell without giving away too much.
Felt tip pens (hand inked bitches)
And lowering image size in Photoshop Ooooooooo
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