Superhero Concept Picture

Recently, I've been seriously thinking about trying my hand at creating a surreal superhero comic that reaches Suda 51 levels of craziness. I've been wanting to create other properties besides the Pepito & Juan stories for a long time now, so this is what I have done so far. Right now I only have the characters created:

The main character is Salvador Rivera (named after two of my favorite artists, Salvador Dali and Diego Rivera). He's a 24-year- old underground artist and is a very shy individual. He lives alone in a broken down apartment and because he's an undocumented immigrant (yes, I REALLY don't like using the word "illegal" or "illegal alien" since to me, it's kind of the same as using the N-word and such), he often lives in the shadows despite living in the U.S. since he was 3 years old. Hardships aside, one of the only things keeping him happy is his desire to help people and his great love for art. By day, he does what he can for people by working in food kitchens and children's hospitals. By night, he's known as the infamous viral artist "Monochrome" who paints weird, cryptic grafitti all over the city.

The other character is Leanan sídhe, a demon from Irish mythology. She's basically a succubus who only appears to artists. A Leanan sídhe offers to make pacts with human artist who desire great artistic ability and inspiration. Once an artist agrees to make the pact (usually through means of intercourse) he will be given these artistic powers (or in my version, the power to manipulate paint and/or art itself) in exchange for a short lifespan and to agree to be the Leanan sídhe's lover. Here's the complete description of the demon:


Anyway, Salvador's main powers consist of paint manipulation and the ability to control art (as long as he made it). Leanan sídhe acts more like his guide/sidekick while keeping track of the days Salvador has left to live. Together, they start off fighting crime as they start to face other artists who made pacts with other Leanan sídhes.

Like I said, I don't have 100% of the details hammered in yet. For example, I'm sort of leaning towards a horror-themed kind of story but I'm not sure yet. I'm also having trouble deciding if the story should take place in Compton or Los Angeles. What I am sure of though is that this is gonna be all hand-drawn on paper instead of computer generated drawings (since I have neglected my inking abilities for far too long now) and this is all gonna be a one-story comic so it will begin and end all in one book. As for the style, I'm pretty much thinking on it being all black and white (kind of like a MadWorld/Sin City type of style) except for the manipulated paint which will be all in color.

For now though, I'll get to work on a very short sample comic to see if you guys like it or not (don't worry, apparently I work alot quicker on pen and paper than on computer). If I do enough of a good job based on the responses, I'll go on ahead with the real project. Thanks for reading all this and wish me luck.
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