Alora Fane Symbol Ideas Picture

Designing logos and things is something I have essentially no skill or experience with!1 But sometimes in the stuff that I do it becomes necessary anyway.

I've been making games for years now, but I never really made them in any unified world; each had its own setting, and connections between them were generally vague at best.
I'm rethinking that, though, and planning instead to tie many of my in-progress games together by placing them in a world that I'm currently designing, based on ideas I came up with ages ago for a game I never finished called Alora Fane.

Essentially, the world is an artificial 'pocket dimension' created by a race of crystal-plant-like hive-minded pacifistic super-advanced magical aliens called the Aolmna; they're basically gods. They see humanoid races on other worlds constantly fighting and killing, and they think that this is wrong and that it should be stopped. Being non-violent, though, they choose an unconventional way to go about it: they collect genetic information from each of the races that they encounter, and build these pocket dimensions based on their homeworlds, where they then 'grow' individuals from each race. They raise these races - collectively called the 'Barbari' - in an environment where all their needs are provided, and spiritual development is encouraged, especially towards the concept of empathy, or unity; understanding that others are just another part of you, and that if you hurt them, you hurt too (being a hive-minded race, this is true for them, and they believe that other races would be less violent if they felt that way too). The ultimate goal is to keep these races alive, and to make sure that they are spiritually enlightened enough to not wipe themselves out. (I might make it so that the Aolmna only collect races that had just wiped themselves out through their own violent ways.)

The world (or 'fane') itself is structured as a flat plane, shaped sort of like a flower; each 'petal' is the home of one race, and all individuals of that race are born there. They're not allowed to leave until a certain age, at which point they can enter into the core of the world, the 'nexus', which is a thriving multicultural city.
There's a petal for each of the five races that I drew recently: the Bold, Meek, Mhandisi, Sindrels and Varnyn, and the sixth is where the Elarna used to live... until they wiped themselves out with a disaster that made the whole petal into a shattered wasteland now known as Fracture.

The Aolmna are essentially gods, and each of the races worships them in different ways. Unlike the mythological gods of our world, though, they actually respond when talked to, and intervene when necessary.
The religion based around their spiritual teachings of unity and empathy would have this symbol as its holy icon thing, and the world of Alora Fane itself would be represented by it too.

So yes! ISN'T THAT EXTREMELY FASCINATING?!? I hope it fascinated your pants right off.

Obviously there are loads of these symbols because I can't decide which one is best. The original Alora Fane game that I was planning years ago had green as its dominant colour (I always give each game one dominant colour), but the games I've been working on recently, which will become part of this new world, all have brown with blue highlights as their colour schemes. That's why there are blue and green ones. Blue is perhaps more striking and peaceful, while green is peaceful too and more planty, but would take work to change all the blues I've got in games already... HMM.

The ones with coloured petals represent the races:
Red represents the Bold who live in the excitingly named 'Bold Islands', a set of deserty islands in a large ocean;
Beige represents the Elarna, who are now extinct, leaving only Fracture as a scar to mark their mistakes;
Purple represents the Varnyn of 'Varnyn Moors', a set of distant, solitary dwellings speckled about a forever overcast and frequently rainy rolling plain;
Green represents the Meek of 'Meekwood', an enormous magical forest;
Orange represents the Mhandisi of Mji Mkuu, a huge steampunk city;
Blue represents the Sindrels of the 'Sindrel Spires', a serene environment of crystal cliffs, placid lakes, and tall white towers.
The centre is the golden Nexus, where DREAMS COME TRUE or whatever.

It seems appropriate to represent them all in the symbol using colours, but it perhaps looks too garish... Simplicity is probably best; it's more memorable, more striking, and easier to draw repeatedly if that's ever necessary.

SO YES. This is a long description for something that's totally not worth such a thing!!1


EDIT: I've added some new designs. I wonder whether the one with the fractured Fracture petal might work?! I also seem to be preferring solid colours over gradients, and tending towards blue as the colour I'm going to use... The things at the bottom are lazily done, but they're to show how I might position the text and the logo if I ever wanted to use Alora Fane as some kind of logo for my game development one-man team or whatever!
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