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Introducing the: 'Pretty Suited Satellite Sailors' Contest!
(Yes, its the PSSS Contest!)
What this contest is about...
You are creating a new Sailor Senshi team! Pretend for a moment the Sailor
Moon we know and love never existed. No odangos, no Usagi... and as for the rest of her team, well... they didn't exist either! This is where the contest begins... creating a new team of Sailor Senshi from the ground up! You pick their colors, their hair, their personalities, etc... you'll only need to follow a few guidelines.
Guidelines, Rules and Requirements
Everyone much pick (or claim) a 'satellite' from this list: http://sta.sh/

This is really fun, though thinking of their personalities was hard.

So, profiles!

Sailor Saturn

Name: Atsuko Yamashita
Age: 18
Hair: Black, which is in a low ponytail. In senshi form, it tints green and goes up in a very high ponytail.
Eyes: Brown eyes which lighten in senshi form
Dream: To travel to America at some point
Personality: Atsuko is a timid girl who would rather get high grades rather thsn have friends and even be a Sailor senshi. She would rather smile than hurt anyone and not lash back against anyone. Even her bully, Ayano, can get away with beating her down verbally. However, ever since she became Sailor Saturn, she began to speak up more, openly expressing her opinions and even fighting back against Ayano.

Senshi's Realm of Influence: Time and Dimensions
Senshi Personality: Atsuko, as Sailor Saturn is still timid and scared of hurting anyone, even.the enemy. Because of that, she's grateful to have defensive attacks and a more offensive satellite senshi. Even if she's actually her tormentor and the one person who would be a better Saturn, Atsuko is still grateful for the help.
Weapon: Though rarely used, her weapon is an ancient-looking long crook, the blade seemingly dull, but the grip engraved in various time and dimension-related runes.

Dimensional Reflection-The attack is defensive, mainly, where Saturn silently parts away a part of the normal dimension, showing an alternate-universe version of the opponent. That attack acts on surprise, mostly.

Lustrum Wall-She holds her hand or uses her weapon, to make a shield that slows down anything that hits or penetrates it. This also acts on surprise and it bends the rules of time a bit.

Ultradian Rhythm Disruption-Being the senshi of time, Saturn can affect concepts related to time, such as how bodies perceive it. This attack throws off cycles that occur througout the day. This is delayed, but it can even throw off sleep cycles, blood circulation and mood .

Past Life Bio:
In the many incarnations of the Moon Kingdom before the Silver Millennuim, the Lady of Saturn, Renata, was kept in stasis unless her powers over time and death were required. She had never lived as a civilian and merely looked at herself as a tool for the Moon to use to their own purposes. The senshi of the satellite Calypso were the ones that ruled in Saturn's place and guarded over Renata while she was imprisoned.

That was the way life went until a brash Saturn-born girl named Roboris becane Sailor Calypso in the Silver Millennium. She felt like Saturn simply being locked away was unfair and took it upon herself to communicate with the girl, even while she was in stasis. That actually forged a telepathic bond between.the two due to the nature of Roboris' powers by then and the girl decided to give Renata the chance to be a girl, freeing her from stasis.

To say the least, there was fierce oppositon of this action from the Saturn and Calypso Council. However, Queen Serenity stepped in and allowed Renata to serve as one of her Outer Senshi instead of making her go vack into her former shell of a life. Renata and Roboris remained great friends, though, even dying within minutes of each other when Queen Beryl destroyed the Silver Millennium.

Present Time Bio:
Unaware of the past life she had, Atsuko grew up with only her father taking care of her. He, however, was an ER doctor, leaving her by herself many times. That, combined with her natural quiet nature, left her reserved and more into herself. The bullying started when she got into middle school. Her height shot to almost six feet and a petite redhead began to laugh every time she saw her.

Atsuko's years afterwards are marked by a mocking smile, mischievous teal eyes and red hair like dried blood. When she became Sailor Saturn in her second year of high school, she was confused, but horrified at the thought of Ayano being her subordinate. That began a rocky, but friendly in the end, relationship in both the civilian and senshi forms.

Sailor Calypso

Name: Ayano Nakashima
Age: 14
Hair: Dark red, which lightens in senshi form
Eyes: Teal eyes, which lightens as well
Dream: To have power over her friends
Personality: Ayano is a magnetic personality with a whole circle of 'friends' and almost her entire grade under her thumb. With her adorable aura and happy smile, adults adore her and teenage girls are jealous. However, she is subtly vicious to girls not under her thumb, bullying them and enjoying when they submit to her will. She actually used to bully Atsuko (her 'sempai') before they became senshi and tries to show herself as the true planetary senshi. If anyone tries to bother her target(s), though, she just decides to destroy them in any way she can because she's rather possessive of them.

Senshi's Realm of Influence: Songs and ilusions
Senshi Personality: Sailor Calypso is playful to her enemies, rarely taking them seriously as she dodges each attack and returns with a few of her own. Being small and cute, she plays dirty with enemies and pretty much deceives then before making the first move.
Weapon: The gem-like balls that are in various places on her fuku are actually her weapons. They hold a secret store of magic and can be used as smoke bombs.
Siren's Song-She places a gem in her mouth and breaks it, screaming at the opponent afterwards. That causes a blood-curdling shriek which disorients her enemy, at the least.

Trance Symphony-Calypso begins humming a hypnotic tune that makes the enemy more willing to listen to her. Under this, they will not immediatey obey her unless she pours power into it, but it does serve as distraction from what they would eventually do.

Black Hex-She jumps up and says the attack, a black burst of power going towards the enemy and doing anything bad from turning them blue to even killing them.

Past Life Bio:
Senshi from Calypso are proficient in magic, illusions to be exact. That, combined with the loyalty to the mysterious and unseen Lady of Saturn, made them perfect to watch over and possibly control the dangerous senshi when needed.

Roboris grew up on Saturn with multiple older siblings and not even thinking she would awaken as a senshi at all, let alone Calypso. Of course , she did awaken as that specific senshi at the age of thirteen. Having a different view of her duties as a senshi, though, she took to looking over the imprisoned senshi a bit... differently.

She began talking to the senshi of Saturn, bonding with her and gaining more powers due to that. When Roboris finally learned the girl's name was Renata, she decided to free her and let her be nornal. And for the councils to be silenced by the Queen herself pleased the senshi.

Even though Renata ended up as an outer senshi, the two girls remained friends until the end, when Beryl ended everything.

Present Time Bio:

Ayano was born as the youngest of eight siblings and treated like the princess of the family. While getting everything her whimsical heart desired from the time she could speak, she figured out how she could get even more by the time she was four. And, by the time she was in third grade, she had the attention and envy of almost every girl in her class.

However, she discovered a very tall, meek girl that was really fun to torment and tease. By the time she reached high school with stellar grades, that girl was her victim of choice and she loved it. Of course, that was before she became Sailor Calypso and realized she was merely a servant to her target.

Why did you choose Saturn and Calypso?

Sailor Saturn has always been my favorite senshi because her mythology was the most mysterious and, out of all the senshi girls I wanted to redesign, I obviously wanted to choose her.

Calypso, on the other hand, had the more interesting possible connection to Saturn out of the eight remaining satellites. After all, with how she lured men in mythology to her island until they broke her heart, I could easily link her to Saturn. Therefore, Sailor Calypso can be Sailor Saturn's loyal servant.
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