MM's World: Big Cattie Picture

Monster: Big Cattie
Kaiju Number: 24

Height: 110 meters
Length: 150 meters
Mass: 70,000 tons

Year of First Appearance: 2014
Origin: Amazon River, Brazil
Alignments: Earth Kaiju

Running Speed: 100 MPH (Short Bursts)

Powers & Abilities:
- Mud Blast: Big Cattie is capable of swallowing vast amounts of mud and storing it within a special cavity within her chest. When needed, she can then launch this mud from her mouth like a high-pressure cannon. She can launch entire streams of mud or quick, cannon-like shots.
- Whiskers: The whiskers adorning Big Cattie’s face have tiny barbs that are capable of penetrating an opponent’s flesh should they touch them. Should a whisker get too entangled onto a victim, it is capable of detaching itself and then regenerating in a few days.
- Big Cattie is completely omnipedal and can move on both her hind legs and on all fours effortlessly. When submerged, she tends to walk on all fours. On land, she seems to prefer bipedal movement.
- Being a highly evolved catfish, Big Cattie has adapted to life both in and out of the water. She can remain in the water for an indefinite amount of time and also remain out of the water for several hours at a time, but will be forced to return to it after a while. She can also survive in both fresh and saltwater.

Weaknesses: Big Cattie is an aquatic kaiju by nature and requires moisture to live. If she remains out of water for too long, she will eventually asphyxiate, dehydrate, and die.

Threat Level: Moderate – While not an evil kaiju by nature, Big Cattie is highly territorial and also actively hunts humans. This often brings her into conflict with humanity that isn’t used to her.
Intelligence: Big Cattie has fairly moderate intelligence for a basic giant animal. While she has no reasoning powers or communication skills, she does have memory skills which allow her to use an enemy’s weakness once she sees it. She’s also been shown to use foreign objects as weapons from time to time.
Diet: Big Cattie is strictly a carnivorous kaiju, preferring to feed on animals such as cows, horses, and crocodiles. She’s also a man eater, but will usually choose animals before humans.

History: In the beginning of 2014, a magnificent discovery was made deep within the Amazon rainforest. Led by paleontologist Dr. Jason Fisher of the Chicago Natural History Museum, an ancient graveyard of gigantic, catfish-like bipeds was unearthered. At least fifteen specimens had fallen here, ranging in size from just a few dozen meters to over a hundred! When carbon dating was applied, another shocking discovery had been made. Unlike previously predicted, the fossilized remains didn’t come from the dinosaur age, but instead the Pleistocene age, made famous by the ancient mammoths, smilodons, and ground sloths.

Even stranger, as further data was studied, it was revealed the fossils didn’t belong to a dinosaur-like organism as believed, but a highly advanced form of fish! After a few weeks, it was well believed and accepted that these creatures were related to the modern day catfish and lung fish. Dr. Fisher named the newly discovered species Megalo Siluriformes, or big catfish.

This name was actually taken by some of the locals whom firmly believed that the Amazon river was home to giant catfish. These legendary maneating catfish had been called Big Catties for entire generations. When the discovery was announced stateside, the media had come to use the name Big Cattie and Chicago announced that it’d have a full skeleton for unveil in three short months!

As Dr. Fisher worked with the natives and began to dive further into their myths about Big Cattie, he began to understand that they were actually talking about a single creature, not a “lost species” such as big foot. It could be comparable to the famous Loch Ness Monster, the mythological one anyway. The nearby Komburo tribe was especially involved with this myth and believed that the legendary creature was the guardian of the Amazon. A Komburo shaman especially believed he had a spiritual link to the animal and warned the Americans to leave the graveyard alone or suffer its wrath.

Dr. Fisher scoffed at such an idea and the remains were starting to be shipped to the United States. Three days later, in the middle of the night, that same shaman rushed into the campsite holding torches and shouting. A translator for Dr. Fisher told him that the man was trying to save them and ward off the guardian’s wrath. The paleontologist demanded the shaman leave and as some of his workers escorted the babbling old man out of the campsite, the ground began to shake violently.

The sounds of trees snapping like twigs filled the air followed by an unearthly wail. The sounds caught everyone off guard as flashlights were shined into the tree line. What they saw sent terror running down their spines. Looking down at the humans and the exposed fossils, a gigantic member of the species glared! Dr. Fisher’s group quickly ran as the shaman approached the giant, waving torches and chanting. Tilting its head, the creature stepped forward, crushing one of the tents underfoot.

As Dr. Fisher watched from a distance away, the monster leaned down and gobbled up the shaman! The creature soon returned to the river, leaving Dr. Fisher and his group stunned. They quickly reported the existence of a live specimen to the museum and, in accordance with the law, the A.K.D.F. was notified. Loading Swamp and Plague into the recently completed Super Transport, the group was dispatched. The transport landed a few miles outside of the Komburo village where Dr. Himes and Dr. Silver met with Dr. Fisher.

The paleontologist further explained the situation to the scientists. The villagers weren’t angry at Big Cattie, but instead the Americans whom they believed were trespassing in Big Cattie’s domain. Their opposition to the A.K.D.F., however, quickly changed when they saw Swamp. Not knowing he was one of their own creations, they believed he was another one of their protectors for his appearance to the tropical frogs they had come to know.

The tribe’s chief allowed Dr. Fisher and his new friends back into the village where the full legend was told…

Long ago, the world belonged to the Gods. As man became dominant, the Gods became angry. One such God attacked hundreds of years ago, but was destroyed by a powerful shaman whom fought the beast with his magic. In the end, the shaman had painted himself green, red, and black, matching the colors of the poisonous frogs. When the God devoured the shaman, it was as if he had eaten the poisonous frogs of the Amazon and fallen. The Earth gave way, carving the river as the body of the God was swallowed up.

In order to assure this great evil spirit would never return, the other Gods placed two creatures within the river. The guardians patrolled the river night and day, making sure the evil entity could never escape and ruin the world. One looked like a monstrous catfish. The other was believed to be the reincarnation of the shaman whom stopped the evil God and took the form of a frog…

Dr. Himes remembered this wasn’t the first time a kaiju had been hidden by villagers and believed to be some sort of God and tried his best not to argue the difference.

While Swamp and Plague were looked on by the villagers whom chanted and sang to them, Big Cattie’s head emerged from the river and spotted the giants. Rage filled the amphibian that stood tall, roaring fiercely. Her sound captured the entire village, forcing all from their homes to see the beast standing within the river. Plague and Swamp quickly leaped to their feet, ready for a fight!

The chief rushed the scientists out of the village just as General Kurich and Alan Saw rolled into it with a jeep. Upon seeing the giant, Alan hoisted up a rocket launcher and fired, striking the beast in the forehead! The explosion didn’t faze the creature whom roared in defiance and marched forward, crushing a hut under foot. As Miles and Melissa entered the jeep, Dr. Fisher pulled out a rifle and declared he’d draw its attention away from the village.

Running through the village as Big Cattie tore up the area, he began to shoot at the fish. At first he didn’t catch its attention, but several warriors joined him, along with the chief. They fired at the beast with arrows, one getting an extremely lucky hit in the eye. This did catch its attention, making Big Cattie follow. They lured the monster away from the village, but soon they were cornered. As Big Cattie prepared to lower her head and devour them, Plague leaped onto her. The giants fell into the river, allowing the group to escape. Fighting back, the catfish quickly pushed the rat off of her and launched a cannon-like blast of mud from her mouth! The blast struck Plague in the chest, making him fall back again.

As she roared and shook her body from side to side, Swamp snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her neck and shoulders in a full nelson. Standing upright, she began to pound her long tail against his back. As she struggled, Plague charged forward with his jaws wide open, ready to deliver his deadly bite. Just as he got close, she spun around, slamming Swamp against Plague.

Again Plague fell back as Swamp continued to hold her neck. She began to thrash, stumbling around. As the frog held her, his hands made contact with her whiskers. He quickly shouted in agony as the whiskers’ barbs clung to his skin. He pulled his arms away, ripping pieces of flesh with the left. The right arm was too entangled and pulled harder. The long whisker detached from her face and hung from his arm, strands of crimson running down it.

She turned around, thrusting her head forward and clamping her jaws onto his shoulder! The frog croaked loudly, pounding his arms against her body. Soon she let go, grabbing his sides and using her superior strength to lift him up. Struggling against his weight, she held the frog over her head with both arms and threw him into the forest. The frog rolled through dozens of yards worth of trees before stopping. She moved closer, tearing through the forest before stopping at the fallen Swamp. She lifted her leg, smashing it hard on his chest and biting down on his left hand!

As she began to pull, trying to rip off his hand, Plague grabbed her tail. He pulled, trying to pull her away from Swamp. She snarled and thrashed her tail from side to side. Plague was lifted off his feet and thrown away, landing with a hard thud in the mud. He quickly got to his feet with a screech and charged, leaping onto her back. He clawed at her wet skin, digging deep trenches within it. Roaring in a mixture of pain and rage, Big Cattie pulled away from Swamp and began clubbing Plague with her tail.

Like a frenzied cat, Plague refused to release the amphibian as he dragged his razor sharp claws through her skin. As she spun about, Swamp managed to leap to his feet. The frog charged, leaping into the air and smashing both of his feet into her chest with a drop kick. As she fell back, Plague jumped from her back and landed on all fours a distance away. She quickly rolled over onto her belly, turning her head and looking at the frog. Her jaws opened wide, spitting a stream of thick mud from her maw! The mud struck Swamp in the face, covering his skull with mud.

The frog quickly began to scoop the mud away from his eyes as Big Cattie climbed to her feet. Plague moved in again, but another cannon-like blast of mud struck his gut. He stopped for a brief second as the air was forced from his lungs. Catching his breath, Plague left his guard down as she spun around, slamming her tail into his side. The rat fell away, screeching as the trees around him flew into the air.

Overhead, the Super Transport moved into position. Inside the airship, General Kurich ordered the stun rods to be dropped. As Big Cattie slammed her tail into Swamp, knocking him down also, the gigantic cargo doors on the belly of the ship opened up. Two silver, spear-like objects fell. The weapons stabbed into the ground, sticking straight out of the air over 80-meters tall!

Big Cattie stopped her attack and looked at the objects in confusion. She snarled and traced their route up, looking at the Super Transport. Gun turrets on the craft began to open fire, sending machine gun-like fire of plasma energy into the giant fish. She ducked for cover, bellowing out as the blasts exploded on contact. She covered her head with both hands as the blasts tore up the ground around her.

Plague and Swamp managed to get to their feet, watching the assault unfold before spotting the stun rods sticking out of the ground. They approached the weapons, grasping each one. They pulled the weapons out of the mud and examined the forked tips. Arcs of electricity formed within the forks, spitting sparks every second. The Super Transport ended its attack and pulled away, leaving Big Cattie stunned for a brief moment. Approaching from the rear, Plague thrust his rod into her back. She yelped in pain, jumping forward as smoke lifted from where the rod touched her.

She quickly spun about, roaring in rage. Her mouth opened wide and prepared to shoot another mud blast, but Swamp’s rod shocked her mid-section. She nearly collapsed before lashing out with her tail. The frog leaped away as Plague speared his forward again, shocking her chest. She reached out, grabbing the weapon and trying to yank it away from Plague. Plague quickly pushed it forward again, once again striking her chest. She yelped once more, releasing the sparking weapon.

Plague took a few steps back, clicking his teeth as the amphibian groaned. She charged forward, making Plague jump to the side. Big Cattie leaped into the river, moving as fast as her legs could carry. Her body vanished beneath the water, but Plague and Swamp followed with their stun rods.

As the catfish burst from the water, catching Swamp by surprise and grabbing the stun rod, the village chief pleaded to Dr. Fisher to end this. She wouldn’t be as enraged as she is if not for the outsiders to her domain. Watching as she snapped the stun rod in half as Plague shocked her from behind again, the paleontologist radioed Dr. Himes from the village.

As the Super Transport loomed overhead, he informed General Kurich of the chief’s claim. As Big Cattie continued to shout and cry in pain, he gave in. Swamp and Plague were ordered to fallback. The giant catfish continued to thrash about, kicking up the water as the pair exited the river. Big Cattie’s movements began to slow as they backed away from her. Still growling in anger, the catfish began to lower her body into the churning water, soon vanishing underneath it.

When morning came, Plague and Swamp returned to the belly of the Super Transport with the stun rods. While one was broken in half, it could be replaced. As the team prepared to leave, the Komburo chief appeared before them, declaring that he believes the resurrected shaman was still acting as a guardian, but now a guardian for the entire world instead of just the river and that, perhaps one day, Big Cattie shall also.

The only American that remained behind was Dr. Fisher. He stopped the unearthing of the graveyard and was granted permission from the chief to stay in the village, changing his study of the monstrous catfish fossils to that of the Komburo and Big Cattie.

She was not seen again by the tribe or Dr. Fisher until six months later when the chief passed away. As his body was being burned, she rose from the river and watched on from a distance.

In May of 2015, the A.K.D.F. returned to the Amazon. With Genesis Island established, the government of Brazil wanted Big Cattie out of the country. Within a week, Big Cattie was located thanks to Dr. Fisher whom had discovered her lagoon home. In a surprising turn of events, the catfish offered little resistance. She was rendered unconscious by sleeping gas and carted into the Super Transport by Swamp and Plague. The Komburo village prayed for her as the ship vanished into the sky.

When she came around again, Big Cattie was in a new home. A large swamp dozens of miles wide, she was now on Genesis Island. She began to wander the swamps, setting up a new lair within it. A few short months later, another swamp dweller was deposited on Genesis Island: Lecrar.

The two quickly became bitter neighbors, often coming into conflict over the simplest of things, but Big Cattie almost always proved the superior…

Back in the Amazon, Dr. Fisher is supplied with weekly footage of Big Cattie which is often showed to the Komburo whom were relieved when they saw she was alive and in good health.

In October of 2015, the deranged Cult of Q’thulu had managed to seize control of the majority of aquatic kaiju of Genesis, including Big Cattie. With parasitic creatures inside her, she was brought under control of the cultists and unleashed on America to destroy the country and make way for a new civilization of the sea. She swam from Genesis Island unnoticed and made landfall in Miami where she began to wreck havoc.

The A.K.D.F. fought back, but this was an even more powerful blitz than that of the Klenthurians. As other aquatic monsters attacked the United States, a small force was mobilized against Big Cattie under the command of a man named Commander John J. Phillips. He utilized the fish’s previous shying away from electricity in a total offensive move, deploying the controversial lightning mines against her.

As she stood tall against the A.K.D.F. armaments, metal orbs began to rain from the sky. The balls then began to hover, moving around her and forming electrical arcs. Soon the sky was illuminated as countless bolts of electricity tore through the area, bringing unbearable pain to the queen of the Amazon. With a painful wail, the great Big Cattie collapsed unconscious, the first defeated monster within the Cult of Q’thulu’s army.

The electricity had also killed the parasitic organisms within her and the purple, slug-like entities crawled forth from her jaws and died within the rubble. This victory would turn into many as the A.K.D.F., with the help of Taninim and King Claw, helped vanquish the cult and force it into total retreat after seemingly killing their most powerful monster Reef.

While the Super Transport had been destroyed by Reef, the unconscious Big Cattie was kept tranquilized and towed onto an aircraft carrier and returned to Genesis Island’s beaches. Once coming around, she quickly returned to her swampy home, hopefully to live the rest of her days in as much peace as possible.

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