Kenilworth Castle Picture

"I am the Lady of this pleasant Lake,
Who, since the time of great King Arthur's reign,
That here, with royal court, abode did make,
Have led a low'ring life in restless pain.
Till now that this your third arrival here
Doth cause me come abroad, and boldly thus appear.

For after him, such storms this castle shook,
By swarming Saxons first who scourged this land,
As forth of this my pool I ne'er durst look,
Though Kenelm, King of Merce, did take in hand
(As sorrowing to see it in deface)
To rear these ruins up, and fortify this place.

For straight by Danes and Normans all this isle
Was sore distress'd, and conquered at last.
Whose force this castle felt, and I therewhile
Did hide my head."

Taken from Princely Pleasures of Kenilworth, quoted here: [link]

This is a 'tweaked' version of the original, now deleted from here. Tritone and selective adjustments using curves in PS7. The sky has not been added from elsewhere, despite it looking strange (note the white glow around the outline of the castle - that's how it actually was).

Full-view is appreciated.
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