Heylin Ancestors - 1 Picture

The first four of Heylin Tiger Ancestors is now finished. I'm sure there is still more left (other heylin tigers and xiaolin dragons, including heroes and villains)

The first Heylin Tigers wore the ancient robes BEFORE they TURN into EVIL because of Lord Ariko during the Dark War (fanfic).

Ancestor Xuan - the first Heylin Tiger of Darkness (who was banished by the first Grandmaster Xiao Lin), the older brother of Shinyu Pedsora. His age of 21 and his first mistake is he accidently unleashed the first evil demon, Lord Ariko (the Serpent *snake*). He was possessed by Ariko and was killed by the same demon, but at the same time he split up his own souls into two. He placed the blue feather on his brother's newborn for the hope of the new generation.

Ancestor Shinyu - the first Heylin Tiger of Lightning and the first rebellious warrior of the unknown clan. He was the young brother of Xuan Pedsora. His age of 20, he was fell in love Kisara (the first Xiaolin Dragon of Wind) and had a son he had sent both of them to Brazil away from Ariko. He died protecting the second Grandmaster Dashi (his best friend) and he was killed by his older brother (Ariko brought his dead brother alive and possessed him again).

Ancestor Zalo - the first Heylin Tiger of Metal and the first rival of Xuan Pedsora. He vowed to challenging Xuan to duel fight, but he died fighting The Demon of Ocean (Lord Susku) so he don't have a chance to fight Xuan. His spirit still live on with the powerful desire of continued fighting the spirit of Xuan and being hopeful to defeat Xuan so he can be rest in peace forever.

Ancestor Yanji - the first Heylin Tiger of Shadow. He known as a real werewolf and the son of the first werewolf (will soon revealed in Season Two in fanfic). To Heylin Tigers and Xiaolin Dragons, he was known as one of the most lecherous and best hunter in the world. He escaped from the Dark War, but he was stuck in between the war of mythology creatures. He finally found Roba and fell in love with her. Until he was gone, his track is clear and empty now. No one knows if he is still alive or dead until the reincarnation of himself born in the cycle revealed that he is already dead in few years later.

Heylin Ancestors (2) and Xiaolin Ancestors (1) will be coming up few more weeks later. May I asked you, can you guess who all ancestors' reincarnations and why they are all familiar to you?

Xuan, Shinyu, Zalo, and Yanji (c) Me.
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