the fox and the sakura Picture

31. Flowers

Finally, I got a name for her! Now the little one-tailed kitsune is Youko, sunlight child.

Yeah, I know she looks a bit like Amaterasu from Ôkami, but that wasn't on purpose. D: The red markings, especially on face, are quite regular on japanese mythology creatures(... I suppose) and the ball and flames are Youko's kitsune-bi, foxfire.

And about that haiku, it's not mine at all! All glory goes to Yuki Yokota from Narashino, Japan; it's her winning piece from Haiku Contest in High School Category. The english version goes some thing like this:

Returning home
In evening darkness,
I am met with white light of cherry

It fitted Youko so much, that I just had to place it in the art, even thought there is no dark background or so.

Youko & art (c) me
GIMP / 2 h
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