Benben Logo Picture

This was a logo I did for my old nick 'Benben' about 6 Years ago.

For those who don't know wot a Benben is:

The Benben was believed to have fallen from the skies, but lost and no longer remembered. In the 12th dynasty, all what was recalled was its pyramidal shape, thus providing with the pillar it stood upon a prototype for the shape of future obelisks. Before then, the Benben was applied to the pyramidoin or capstone placed on top of the pyramids. In a symbolic sense, it was closely associated with “Ra-Atum”.
“You became high on the height. You rose up as the Benben stone in the Mansion of Phoenix”.
This Mansion of Phoenix was the original temple at Heliopolis that has housed the Benben. It reflected a symbol of the mythical phoenix, the divine Bennu bird whose appearance and disappearance were believed to be linked to violent cosmic cycles and to the destruction and rebirth of the world ages.

By By Sameh M. Arab M.D.
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