The Healer Picture

Sierra Goldenbrook
Race: Fairy-Mizukian (From the Alien planet Mizuki)
Power: Elemental-Water, Healing
Profession: Mizukian Head of Medicine
Hobbies: Surfing, Reading, Swimming, Chemistry
Family: Siblings-James Goldenbrook, Tierra Goldenbrook, Samantha Goldenbrook. Parents= Gaia and Aiden Goldenbrook
Personality Traits: Intelligent, Patient, Calm, Peacemaker, Independent, Persistent, Leader

Summarized History:
Sierra Athena Goldenbrook is the second triplet born to the Goddess Gaia and her husband, Aiden Goldenbrook. According to Mizukian mythology, Gaia and her other two Sisters (Tira and Ina) make up the triplet goddesses that created Mizuki and Draconia.
Sierra was always the peaceful child, breaking up fights between her identical sister and brother. She was also her mother’s helper, caring for the younger children in the clinic and her younger sister Samantha. Sierra loved books and learning and quickly obtained enough knowledge to become a Healer by age 12.

After the Goddesses left the worlds in the hands of their families, the husband in charge of Draconia started a war with the people of Mizuki. Sierra’s father was killed in the first battle of the war. During that battle, a plague was released that caused the people of Mizuki to lose control of their specialized elemental powers, followed by a loss of wings and in the end completely draining them of their powers. This causes a slow and painful death of the elemental fairy infected.
With her mother’s Ascension to the Paradise and her father’s death, Sierra was elevated to her mother’s position as the Head of Mizukian Medicine at age 15. She has been working on a permanent cure for the Plague ever since.
Five years after the Plauges’ release and the war’s start a cease fire was declared. Public Pressure on the Goldenbrook family increased, with their privacy being invaded on a daily basis and the public wondering if one or two families being in control of the entire planet was really a good idea, god-born mortals or not. So leaving Mizuki to find some peace while still being able to help others, Sierra aided her brother James “Phoenix” Goldenbrook in forming H.E.R.O.
Today, in between surfing sessions, bath-time reading, making tea and research on the plague Sierra continues to aid her brother and the rest of H.E.R.O in making Earth a safer place to live….and fixing them up when they are being completely stupid.

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