Be The Other Loser Human Picture

You succeed to be the ambiguously bisexual guy
For the moment being you are IAN HAMPTON

You are 16 YEARS OLD and JUST A BIT STRANGE. You've never fit in, you were always weird.
THOUGH ITS ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF YOUR INTELLIGENCE, it always unnerved other kids, really, they said you were LORDING it over them. You never meant to, it was just when you spoke, you KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, and you KNEW SO MANY THINGS, it just weirded them out. You could tell WHEN A GIRL WOULD SAY STRAWBERRY in class, SOMETIMES JINXING them, but you NEVER BELIEVE IN JINXES.
You really love LIFE sciences, well YOU LOVE SCIENCE IN GENERAL. And literature and math. You guess YOU READ A LOT, AND SLEEP, AND EAT A LOT. You have a fascination with BIRDS, and also ROLEPLAYING. Wow you do a lot of things.
You were NEVER GOOD AT RELATIONSHIPS, romantic or otherwise. It explains your lack of one, except for your friends. You aren't sure if you have feelings for any of them, you really are unsure of that. Your Mother worries about you sometimes, SHE SOMETIMES WORRIES ABOUT YOUR SEXUALITY. She's okay if you're either way, she just wants to know which it is, and she hopes its not the middle ground.
You think it may be sexist, but some of your OTHER INTERESTS, could make her question it. SUCH AS POSTERS OF NERDY WOMEN AND LUMBERJACKS, things such as FASHION (which is the only cure), SHOUJO MANGA, CASTRATING BEAUTIFUL HERMAPHRODITES (you mean GARDENING), CARTOONS, and VIDEO GAMES. You guess some things could point to you being a balanced individual. If only that were true.
You especially love MYTHOLOGY AND SCIENCE FICTION, often going A BIT OVERBOARD in your RESEARCH. You also enjoy PUZZLES, a good GENTLEMAN LOVES HIS PUZZLES. You fancy yourself as a GENTLEMAN, but mainly after playing a couple of PROFESSOR LAYTON GAMES.

Your chumhandle is eternallyThinking, and often Speak with proper punctuation. You enjoy rhyming and other literary devices and often make sure to use them in your vocalization.

SPEAKING OF VIDEO GAMES, you are going to play a videogame TODAY, with SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS.

So I joined a new RP
I tried to make a new version of Ian (myself)
I tried to base it off my room, to some extent
I made the bookshelves which resemble mine, along with the window, the shitty TV and chest
I couldn't make a loft bed, so I had to make a desk and a bed
I even considered adding "If it wasn't obvious, you have a peculiar love for STORAGE", due to all the places to hide things
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