Circus Decesso - Aislinn Picture

Name: Aislinn (pronounced Ash-Lin) Valentine

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Training Area: Animal Tamer

Reason for joining the circus: She's always had an affinity with animals and loves performing/being in the spotlight.

Personality: Aislinn is quite strict when it comes to work, though other than that she is a generally nice girl. She doesn't like people mentioning her scars, though will usually explain what happened if asked. She hates being pitied, and loves her life how it is now. Do NOT get on her bad side.

Background/History: She grew up with her father for the first 13 years of her life. He was abusive and an alcoholic, so at age 13, she ran away from home and began living on the streets. She lived mainly with the stray animals, because in her mind, she got a long and understood animals much better than humans. She did what she had to to make a living and survive, and some of those got her into quite the amount of trouble, hence the scars.
She first discovered the circus at age 16, when she snuck into the food tent with a group of dogs she had befriended. She ended up getting caught out. She got off loosely though, after explaining her situation. The circus was friendly to her; something that she couldn't find in many places. She ended up returning quite frequently to visit, and soon enough joined the circus completely. She hated to abandon her animal companions, but she knew they would be fine with the set up she had left with them.
Her right eye was damaged fairly recently. She had gone in search of larger and more dangerous animals to tame, though it didn't end quite the way she wished it to. She loves animals whole heartedly, and obviously didn't blame the large cat for the damage.

Other facts: She loves flashing lights in darkness. She tends to chase things on all fours. She loves meat. Mythological beasts fasinate her. She's not extremely used to loud noises yet, but can handle them for the most part. Her favourite partner is her ferret called Pon. She's from England, and has a very strong London accent.
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