Pyramus' Grief Picture

A statue near the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I don't know the real name of the statue.

Pyramus and Thisbe , in classical mythology, a youth and a maiden from Babylon who were in love with each other and were to be wed. Their parents objected vehemently though. One night they had arranged to meet at the tomb of Ninus. Thisbe, having showed up at the tomb first, was frightened by a lion which had blood dripping from it's mouth and fled dropping her wrap. Pyramus soon arrived and was convinced that the lion had eaten his beloved Thisbe. He then killed himself with his sword, and Thisbe, returning, took her own life with it as well. The white fruit of a mulberry tree that stood at the meeting place was dyed red with Pyramus' blood, and the fruit has remained the color of blood ever since.
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