Shedu Picture

A Shedu is an Angelic beast that belongs to the Third Sphere. It resembles a large winged bull with a man's head. It is generally used to guard places that are home to those of a holy nature. Its duty is protect such places from mortals that may harm the occupants inside. Any mortal that threatens the to do so will be crushed to death by the sheer strength and hooves of the Shedu. That's the beast's job, however its not all that fearful in person.

While they are tasked with stomping out potential threats, Shedu are actually rather tolerant in their duties. They let most people go by safely regardless whether they maybe a threat or not. They do so with a rather stoic nature. In fact, they way they do it is so stoically that they almost seem like statues. Why they do it in a such a way is believed to stem from the goal that all Angels share. The message is about peace and love, and tolerance of other people is a part of it. The Shedu emulate this in their mannerisms being extremely stoic creatures that tolerate everything that comes before them.

While the Shedu are rather stoic to an extreme degree, that does not mean they are not with emotions. They on occasion show signs of emotion by doing things such as helping little girls get their cats out of trees. Though they don't actually show it on their faces, one can tell they are expressing emotion by the way they do such things with their movements. This is more so prominent when they actually do their job. If an actual threat shows its face, like say an evil person kidnaps a child or brandishes a sword a priest, the Shedu will express their concern by crushing the offending party in a way similar to parent animal protecting its young. The Shedu fortunately don't go too far when they attack, however if the situation is too dire, then the massive silent rage that follows is the last thing any evil doer will experience.

Due to similar professions, the Shedu are sometimes seen together with Lamassu. Though they are slightly different in some areas, such as the Lamassu being not so stoic as the Shedu, they actually work well together. Additionally, the places that both types of Angels are tasked with are usually those that can be easily reached by mortals to a degree. For harder to reach places and places that are slightly more sensitive, certain other types of Angels, such as Cherubim, are required as guardians instead.


*Based on one depiction of a Mesopotamian mythological creature. [link]
*For some reason, when I was making this guy, Vice Admiral Strawberry's face from One Piece unintentionally came to mind. [link]
*The beast's stoic nature is based on that stereotype of a British guard that seemingly doesn't react to anything.
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