Carpe Noctem #1 - cover Picture

Art: Derrick Fish
Colors: Challenging Studios
Graphics: Me…

I have been working on a project for
Hashtag Comicsfor the past half of a year with my Hetero life partner Derrick Fish and the insanely talented team of Challenging Studios led by Alexa Fox. This book is seriously an awesome ride for any of you with a love for Horror, dark fantasy, and of course dark comedy. The book is such an insane spin on everything from Vampires, Werewolves, Lovecraft, Tolkien, Zombies, Mythology, the supernatural and of course it takes place in the city of sin, Las Vegas. The first issue hits stores in May and you can currently pre-order it at your local comic shop. The future of this series depends on solid sales and I hope to have everyone's support!
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