Harbinger Picture

With permission from my friend who doesn't want to be named, we thus reveal what my beloved Dragocon from the Earthspark Quadrilogy looks like. Harbinger was the secondary antagonist in the first fanfic of the four-part story: Birth. He will be set to return in the spinoff story called Rise and will play a cruicial role in future story events, ones that I cannot possibly reveal unless you are one of those worthy people.

I have also granted permission to my friend who will be using Harbinger in her fanfic trilogy known as The Defenders of the Future. When and where he will appear has yet to be decided, but he will be there.

Harbinger's bio is down below.



"Life is full of ups and downs, and all I ask is for redemption in the end."

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 5
Firepower: 9
Rank: 5
Speed: 10
Skill: 7
Courage: 9
Endurance: 7
Armour: 8

Real Name: Ryuusakuagathi "Dragon of the Lost Cause"
Nickname: Ryuu, Harb, The Beast
Function: Aerial Assault
Secondary Function: Coordinator
Alt Mode: Orb (Entry Mode)
Allegiance: Dinobot
Gender: Mech
Species: Cybertronian Dragocon
Age: 8,000 orns (8000 years)
Height: 55ft (16m)
Length: 150ft (45m)
Wingspan: 200ft (60m)
Weight: 650tonnes (650,000kg)
Plasma Breath (x 2)
Plasma Fangs (x 20)
Heat Claws (x 8)
Bladed Tail (x 1)
Theme Song: Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
Voice Actor: Frank Welker (LBT Sharptooth)
Fanfic Appearance: Birth, Chapter 8: Hidden

Description: A massive dragon-like creature from the planet Cybertron. Harbinger bears a striking resemblence to the Earthern European dragons in mythological stories. Covered in scratches for each kill he has made in the past, these kills make him the beast that he is. He has a massive horn sticking out from his forehead that is curved in the middle. His tail is equipped with a sharp blade on the end, and his fangs are almost as sharp as the famous sword of Optimus Prime. Harbinger is a stone grey colour, and his optics are a deep Decepticon red. His wings are batlike and he can walk on four or two feet if he chooses too. Although his species are intelligent and have the ability to communicate telepathically like a sparkbond link, Harbinger's training as a Decepticon and being tamed by Megatron have made him incapable of doing this anymore, hence his responses being only one sentence words in Cybertronian. His face is badly mangled, having half of it and an optic removed during a colossal with Optimus Prime. He hasn't forgiven him since and is hellbent on revenge for this injury and his blindness.

History: Harbinger was an ordinary Dragocon living on the surface of Cybertron. He was an intelligent and strongwilled youngling who was curious about all things, including the bipedal Cybertronians that transformed into vehicles. But one day, his curiosity got the better of him and he was captured by the Decepticons and brought before Megatron. Megatron decided to use the beast as a way to destroy Optimus Prime, and he placed himself against it. Harbinger was just barely able to win, but Megatron pulled a cheapshot on him, winning the match but still proving to be a beast that will place nightmares into sparklings. From that day forward, Harbinger was tortured and beaten as he was trained day in and day out to be a killer and monster. For each day he lived through the training he was rewarded with survival, and he cherished it. He learned how to speak verbally - but only in small sentences - and losing his ability to communicate telepathically. Thousands of years after his capture, Harbinger was ready to face the world. Megatron starved him enough to make him go berserk enough to make him hunger for his kills, and then he was released upon a colony of Transformers. Harbinger wiped them all out in one just two nights, but a youngling escaped his wrath and he was badly injured by Optimus Prime when the Autobots came to rescue the colony. Since his first battle with Optimus Prime, Harbinger vowed to himself that he would end the Autobot leader's life when they next met. However, Harbinger has not been released upon the Autobots since his first battle. Today, he waits in his cage, looking forward to the day he will be unloosened again.

Personality: Despite appearing to be a beast on the outside that hungers for a fight, Harbinger, in truth, longs to be free from all of the suffering he has been given since his capture. Forced to obey Megatron in exchange for living, Harbinger sees himself as nothing but a slave for Megatron's own personal gain in universal domination. Knowing nothing but of death and killing, he hopes to someday be removed of his suffering and he wishes for nothing more than to die at the hands of a blade in a fair fight. It is a wish that will someday be granted at the hands of an unlikely young Autobot. Even though he hates Autobots with a deadly passion, he hates Optimus Prime even more for the injury he gave him long ago.

Weapons/Abilities: Like all Dragocons, Harbinger has the ability to communicate telepathically to those he chooses, but has lost this ability due to his Decepticon training. He can breathe plasma from his mouth that can melt anything that get's in its path, burning almost as hot as the sun's surface. His fangs - when concentrated hard enough - can tear into anything that is made of Cybertronian metal, even melting it upon contact. His tail is equipped with a sharp blade on the end that is well controlled and coordinated. Most of the time he uses it attempt to disarm an opponent or threaten them with it. Being the largest Dragocon of his kind, he is quite agile, but still slower than average. He can fly up to speeds of 100 miles in several seconds due to his hypersonic flight.

Weakness: Being larger than Optimus Prime or Megatron makes Harbinger slow on the ground, but still fast enough in reflexes. His plasma breath drains his energy the more he uses it. He has quite a temper and can easily be provoked enough to make him forget about his objective, even the name of Optimus Prime is enough to make him go berserk.
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