Dyllan Schiffer Picture

Name: Dyllan Schiffer
Age: Three years younger than Sub Zero
Date of Birth: October 30th
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 124 lbs
Status: Alive
Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Archeologist and Mythologist
Nationality: Unknown
Race: Olympian
Hometown: Unknown
Hair & Eye Color: Black

Dyllan Schiffer was created by an unknown group of individuals from DNA of the Schiffer family's pure blooded Olympian ancestor. The scientist were slain by her soon to be adoptive father for disturbing the ancestor's burial place and she was sparred and taken in by the man as his daughter.

While outwardly human, her Olympian blood inside her endowed Dyllan with several superhuman attributes; essentially she is not human.

Following the near extinction of the Olympian race under Shao Khan's early rule of Outworld, the Original sacrificed himself to destroy the secrets of his people without his body. With his destructions, the remaining clan members lived on. However, many millennia later, the skeleton of the Original was discovered by a group of alchemists who secretly violated the grave in the mysterious homeland of the surviving clan members without the consent in hopes of cloning the Original for research and experimentation. Over the course of the three centuries, they had made considerable breakthroughs in cloning and tried to clone the Original with the DNA samples and hopefully gain access to the power and abilities of the cloned Original.

Many of their experiments were horrifically deformed and after twelve failure and repeated refinements of the procedures, the alchemists finally created the thirteenth clone that had proved successful despite its gender being female instead of make, an apparently perfect creation of the Original. It took 300 years to reach fruition but before any research or experiments, a male descendant of the Original was outraged to discover that his family's ancestor's grave was violated and searched for the ones responsible for it. Upon finding their hideout, the Schiffer killed the alchemists but spared ultimately spared the thirteenth clone due to its innocence and that it could return the Olympians back to its prime. He and his wife took the child in and raised her as their adoptive daughter.

At the age of five, her parents passed away from an unknown cause and was rigorously trained by her grandfather both physically and mentally. She possessed the intellect and vague memories inherited from the original although she didn't t comprehend this knowledge. All through her physical and mental development, Dyllan was kept ignorant of her origins and purpose.

At that point her dying grandfather came to regret his actions and apologized to Dyllan for everything. He told her to be cautious of the people around her and promised that he would always be at her side.

Dyllan left her homeland to explore the world with freedom and comfort in adulthood. She understood that she could return home if she felt it was necessary but believed that to be not an option anymore after his death. She took up a degree in archeology and mythology in an collage in a masters degree in the United States, and took up a position as an archeologist and mythologist but remained secretive and rather reclusive during her youth, befriending only a handful of individuals at a time.

She has done various freelance expeditions for various individual and had occasionally worked for the Lin Kuei because of this. As such, she became acquaintances with Sub Zero/Kuai Liang and Smoke/Tomas Vrada.

Dyllan is a relatively tall and reasonably good looking woman with black eyes, short pixie hair and light tanned skin. Her face is thin and angular, a little harsh and had a slim figure. She usually keeps a calm or deadpan expression on her face, and speaks in a low, gravel yet somewhat western tone of voice.

She mostly wears black or white t-shirts underneath a short sleeved button up light tanned shirt; dark brown bomber jacket that seems a little big for her; black jeans and matching boots. She wears her grandfather's black cloth cap that frames both sides of her face with a pair of goggles during her adventures.

Personality and Traits
Dyllan seems sarcastic, dry and introverted. She is almost completely unfazed by the situations she finds herself in, maintaining an emotionless and apathetic exterior. Only discovering her true origins and revelation was made her horrified and distress. She is unafraid to get her hands dirty if necessary and is capable in being perfectly level headed and unbiased in life-death situations, rarely looses her calmness and when she does it's for good reason. She prefers to get facts before passing judgement and get things down.

Dyllan possesses an ironic wit and morbid sense of humor even in the often terrible events that surround her. She is plagued by the vague memories from her previous life. She also had a very strong personal opinions and isn't afraid up express them bluntly. She tends to be out of sync with others and can be quite blunt when dealing with. Her instincts are good enough to tell what people are failing to tell her or read between the lines with them. She had shied away from motherhood and marriage before she met Kuai Liang.

Dyllan has a steadfast of honor, patience and compassion with an unshakeable sense of integrity and respect for knowledge. She dislikes computer technology and at first, children till later on in her journey.

Powers and abilities
Dyllan is an extraordinary Olympian who possesses superior strength and durability, able to ignore physical pain, and best individuals larger than her in unarmed combat and also rend open hardened steel plates with her bare hands.

Dyllan has shown heightened agility and speed, able to crawl through tunnels and gasp due to her thin figure. She is capable of jumping long distance and of sprinting or physically exerting herself for extended periods of time with little sign of tiring. She was capable of holding her breath for far longer than any normal human. She has heightened senses such as touch and smell, able to feel something moving when others cannot and smell from exceptionally long distance.

Dyllan displays an empathetic/telepathic ability to sense the prince others as well comprehend their motives and emotions.She has a near rapid healing acceleration that allows her to heal within seconds of fatal injuries.

She is extremely intelligent with exceptionally quick and metal skills, able to comprehend foreign languages and inheriting the knowledge and experiences of the Original. She has exhibiting prodigious puzzle solving and quick thinking skills. She is equally capable of utilizing human technology to suit her needs.

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