TI: Selkie: Catherine O'Mally Picture


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Character Name: Catherine O’Mally
Race: Selkie
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Class: Middle class
Rank: Rank 1
Personality: Curious, but terribly skittish. She’ll talk, but only for a short bit. She’s shy in that she won’t walk up to you, you’ll have to go to her. She also tends to stray away from fishing markets, and boats because of the accident so long ago. It's a wonder she stays in her human form. Though, there is a saying that really hits the nail for her, “Curiosity killed the cat.”
Powers or Abilities: Ability to “shift” into seal form.
History: Catherine was born a Selkie, and learned she was one when she was 10. She learned on her own when a boat clipped her and her skin slightly slid in a way that normal skin wouldn’t have. She was worried that she was different than everyone else, and rushed to her mother. Her mother noticed and sighed, smiling at the time. “Don’t worry,” she said, “You’re a selkie.” That’s when all the information was proceeded to be told, and she learned when and what to do. The girl was about 15 when a fisherman nearly caught her. She was a seal at the time, and was curious. There was, what looked to be, a seal floating up on the tops of the water. She curiously moved up to find out why, until a spear came down to her face. It marked her right eye really well. A scar is now in that place, and she never wants to experience that again. This is also why she barely eats meat or foods that need you to cut it up. She’s terribly afraid of knives/spears, or anything of that sort. Although she could heal well, she couldn’t heal well enough back then. She tried going to human school when she was younger, but it didn’t work out that well when they had “Beach week.” Being 18 now, she roams the cities for food, and necessities. She has always wanted to visit the ruins in the far northeast, but she remains in a corner of the harbor on the east side. There’s a cave, perhaps, or a nice little cove that she adores there.
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