Human Twilight Sparkle: Protest Edition Picture

This is a recolour of one of my old pictures, but there is a reason for that
Now this time this image was purposely created for the intended purpose of a rant, so needless to say…

////RANT AHEAD\\\\\
If you have a fanbase that’s big enough, you’ll find the idiots, obnoxious jerks and messed up people, this applies to any fanbase
I think I have already pretty much covered the things I found out about the touhou fanbase
the Pokémon fanbase whines about the pronunciation of names (as well as touhou) as well as the people who argue that the new games are no good and are only played for the nostalgia and provide evidence that clearly shows they haven’t even played the new games
And although many others have figured this out already, among the MLP:FIM fans there are idiots, obnoxious jerks and messed up people as well, they are also known as ‘rabid bronies’

Rabid Bronies have many bad habits:
1. forcing people to watch the show is one thing, but forcing them to like it is asking too much, not everyone is going to like the same thing, I like it for my reasons and mine alone
2. making pornography about the series…porn of cartoon horses…f**king gross doesn’t even cover it
3. bad fanfiction and OC obsession to the point where they will have a fit to anyone who mocks either…but then again what fandom doesn’t have these
and now we come to the point where I draw a line that has been crossed, breaking our motto, the motto is ‘Love and tolerance’
Love = to be kind and caring to each other for the things we have in common
Tolerance = to respect each other’s differences
Needless to say the 1st point has already broken this, but people can be like that, so no biggie…but frankly this is not the case when it involves something as low and pathetic as racism
But before that, let me explain something else

In a fandom, this is the process of taking a non-human character and making them human
For example, in the Mario series you could take yoshi, one of bowser’s minions or even an ally from paper mario and make them human
A very common one is Pokémon, many people take the wacky creatures and design them as humans
An interesting example is the Cartoon Network show ‘Regular Show’, not something im into, but it has a vast fanbase and already there are loads of pictures of humanized version of the blue jay and the raccoon main characters
…Oh yeah, I’ve also been told touhou apparently has this as well, how in a series that’s pretty humanized already? Remember the giant random catfish that meiling fought?...yep, im told there’s humanizations of him…wow, just wow 0_o
Frankly, pick a series that’s popular enough and has non-human characters and chances are that it will have a humanized version of it somewhere on the internet, I mean heck I’ve done a few myself, even my own imp Drogo (also done by many others, thanks everyone who has
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