PkmnArmonia App: Harlie RavensDale 2.0 Picture

the much needed redo of Harlie's app
seriously about 3 months after i got in i change how i drew Zoroarks and with this cute new hairstyle i think it was time Harlie got an upgrade (like it a lot better now) i also cleaned up his bio a bit, made it a bit smoother and added the full moveset he has and a few more hobbies and fun facts. He's finally a character now
(Will add the badges when the time comes)
Harlie Ravensdale
Zoroark (Shiny)
June 16th
5 foot 9
178 pounds
Castelia City, Unova
~Serious: As his nature suggests, Harlie is in fact quite serious, as well as high-strung. He prefers to quietly commentate and get straight to the point. With this, its hard for him to tell if someone is being serious or joking, so in a way he can be slightly gullible.

~Quiet: Unlike most Zoroarks which can be tricksters, Harlie is quiet and prefers to observe instead of being more open and loud. In a way he can be aloof but not mean, just not really sure how to respond to others, more along the lines of being calm. Which can come off as being rude but he is anything but. Along with being quiet, he is also easily embarrassed so he gets flustered often.

~Polite: Harlie grew up in a loving home and as such was taught how to treat others. Being proud doesn’t make him immune to manners. He was taught to treat others as he wished to be treated and follows this rule to heart. However he can be quite nonchalant about whatever good deeds he does and is also a bit aloof about it.
If he’s quite close to you however and knows how to gauge your reactions, he can be a bit sarcastic...though it comes off more like dry humor.

~Scatterbrained: Even though Harlie is quite intelligent, with having his head in books...he usually forgets everything else. He tends to forgo some responsibilities in favor of more important hobbies. Though he will usually get any important jobs or chores out of the way, whether or not they are done efficiently is up for debate.

Harlie’s story begins with his mother, a Zoroark meeting a Luxray traveling from Sinnoh. His mother Ammy, met Renji the Luxray near Lostlorn Forest ages back and hit it off right away. Many years passed where both Renji and Ammy, moved to Castelia City finding it an lively place to live, settled down in a loft, ready to start their own family.
Behold there shock when Harlie, their first egg was born shiny, it might had something to do with Renji coming from a different region but one wasn’t so sure. It didn’t matter though, Ammy loved him no matter his coloration.
Harlie, however was a bit different from most Zouras, where most were little tricksters and tended to be a bit wild. He was calm and quiet, and never used his Illusion ability if he could help it.
Harlie found reading to be his hobby, he read every book they had, he could never get enough information, finding a love in worlds far different from his own, away from reality.
However after Harlie evolved years later, while he was quite intelligent, his social skills were less than to be desired. While he was polite and cordial, he was aloof and didn’t really know how to handle social situations, What was even odder was that he was unable to control his ability, randomly changing into his parents or some classmates at schools without his consent.
Though it was disruptive in his daily life, Harlie ignored it to his best ability (it wasn’t as common as one might think, just a thorn in his side) and found comfort in his books, maybe there he could find a way to control this issue.
With that his parents worried about his well-being, specially his mother seeing that he acted nothing like a Zoroark and both knew that one could not survive with book-smarts alone and needed some social interaction; Anything to just loosen up and be less high-strung
That’s when both of his parents found the Armonia Institute. They both felt that if he got out into the world and learned that not just books could teach him everything he needed to learn. Ammy came to him offering an app in hopes he would go...and just try.
Though Harlie was stubborn about leaving his home at first, being told that this institute housed more knowledge than any library in Unova, maybe just maybe he could find a solution to his problem.

So he sent in an application, trying his luck.
Summary characteristic
Somewhat Stubborn
~Reading: Harlie can not get enough books, his favorites being Mythology and Mysteries, Is usually found with at least one book on his person. Hates historical fiction though.

~Writing: With reading so many books, comes with the common problem of reading a not so good book. So Harlie decided to write his own stories, mostly things in fantasy or the moment however they are no better than fanfiction...or are fanfiction (Harlie may prefer books but is in no way against simple television, gives the mind a break)
~Flower-pressing: The only time Harlie would get out was for things such as school and the occasional exercise, while doing either of these two things, he would grab a few flowers on his way home to press them in already read books, so then when Harlie had a need to re-read an old favorite, he would find a nice surprise and it gave him a smile on his face.
After Armonia and seeing the many varities of flowers, Harlie enjoys gardening far more than before

~Sketching: Joining Armonia opened up the thought of drawing and though Harlie is still learning, he enjoys it fully. He prefers to draw more fantasy based things of course or flowers from around the grounds. Not a fan of shading though.

~Riding: Though Harlie probably will never take up the sport. After a recent trip and bit of childhood memories, he’s enjoyed Ponyta riding more than he thought he would. Good exercise that isn’t too hard nor wet. However it does leave the nasty feeling of being sore on certain regions that he’d rather not have
~ Main Moveset
Toxic (™)
Night Daze
Flamethrower (™)

Leveled-Up Moveset
Hone Claws
Fury Swipes
Feint Attack
Scary Face
Foul Play
Night Slash

~T M Moves
Aerial Ace (™)

~Favorite berry flavor
~Items Brought
Books: Harlie always has to have his books, though his mother stated that he could only bring three…he kinda snuck a few more….like 10 more)

Pink Bean Bag: Harlie's favorite reading chair, it was small enough to travel to the island with no issues (since this bean bag has made a few appearances i thought it would have been better to add it on the App)
~School Schedule
Math II
Health and Sex Ed.


Extras/Fun Facts (Any extra information you feel like sharing about them!)
~Harlie has red eyes instead of the common yellow for a shiny
~His father is a sous chef in Castelia and his mother was a journalist but originally was a rancher (now she’s basically stay at home, but does a bit of writing now and then)
~As stated he has problems controlling his illusions, it isn’t a common problem but can be an issue. It normally happens if he accidentally bumps into someone quite hard or if he's in a crowded area and is overwhelmed
~Harlie has selective photographic memory; If the subject bores him, he will not retain any information. However if it interests him, he will be able to recall any information about said subject
~Fantasy is his favorite genre, not only in books but movies as well. He has though rarely played one or two RPGs as well...mostly enjoying the micromanaging, but its not his thing
~Though Harlie acts like he’s a bother, Chimera, his pet, is very special to him
~Isn’t a fan of heatwaves
~Due to loving fantasy and not being all there with reality...Harlie has a bit of an attraction to Dragon types, both platonically and possibly romantically
~Metrosexual/Straight (Harlie totes worries about his looks more than he should xD)
~(A fun fact: Harlie is a legit shiny zoroark i have in game, first shiny ever without the use of an event or trading. His parents are infact a Zoroark and a Luxray from Japan with those names, thought it would be fun to mention )

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