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Hey’a guys!!! Cheshire Cat Nightmons — again — … I hope the last time XD
So… I’m reusing Cherchigo, but with a cuter name of Fellire, and new typing (Fairy… cause he’s like those creatures called “Imps” know? Those troublemakers.) Now he evolves to a guy named Sciraloon… a creepy one, but I like it… it loses his fairy type for ghost (no way I make a non-psychic Cheshurr ) And just evolve from Fellire in October 31 (is near! Prepare your kitty! XD) But I’m not intending to evolve my Fellire to Sciraloon… is easy to, every wonderland nightmon evolve only by using Insanidad… Want no Sciraloon; Use no Insanidad in October 31…
Sciraloon is the most “based in” nightmon I made: it is based: principally on the Cheshire Cat, then Edward Scissor Hands, Caith Sith ( mythologic biped cat), Zangoose (yes, a Nightmon based on a Pokemon) The Scarecrow (the batman’s one) and Halloween… all together

————FELLIRE borns from the laugher of people, only on Friday 13s ————

N°: 48
Etymology: feline, Cheshire
Region: Kairos Region
Type: Psychic/Fairy
Learns float
Classification: Feline Imp nightmon
Weight: no weight
Height: 60 cms
Ability: Reckless : Due to its rarity, or maybe the rarity is caused by the ability, he has one of the strongest abilities of a nightmon so far, Reckless allow it to recover and maybe win the battle in critical moments, it consist in: The most damage it TAKES, his “nonsense gauge” (shown left in the screen as a purple bar) is filled. If the Nonsense gauge reaches 75% of filling (remaining then, 25 of HP) Fellire simply disappear when the enemy attacks it, and could attack consecutively for 30 seconds ignoring the enemies turn. It eyes spin when it is in the Nonsense mode, and it acts like a true insane
Description: Born from the laugher of people in the day that “the demons come earth” these sympathetic creatures shows no “consequence” of his macabre origin. They live everywhere that are placed in, very adaptive; they were soon adopted as pets by the inhabitants of Kairos. This sympathy and gentleness fall to ground in Halloween, when they act like little devils. If you use Insanidad in them on this day, it will evolve to SCIRALOON.

——————FELLIRE evolves to SCIRALOON holding insanidad in Halloween ————————

N°: 49
Etymology: Scissor, Cheshire, Halloween, Looney
Region: Kairos Region
Type: Psychic/Ghost
“Forgets” float
Classification: Cheshire cat nightmon
Weight: 90 kg
Height: 1, 20 ms
Ability: Has two abilities: Retains Reckless from early FELLIRE’s life, and learns Overdoses:
Overdoses collective ability of every Nightmon evolved with Insanidad. The most odd, and maybe most useful ability of all, while active, it turns in a random special ability from whichever Nightmon. (Ex: Mistletoe Scent, Ferocious, Carbon, Pluto kinesis…) It also constantly changes the regular attack of them (but it just change to Fairy, Psychic, Arcane, Dark and Ghost attacks) and allows, other of these Nightmons ( the wonderland one, if in team) to enter the battle for 3 rounds.
Description: at opposite to its puppy version, they are demonic pests all the year. They had the practice of frightening people with its grinning smile on dark Nights. Their hands have pointed blades-like nails that he uses to cut the prey. Its black dense fur hides him in every dark place. It is so feared that even the other Ghost nightmons get scared of him. A children or someone weak of mind could be driven insane by just staring at it, however, isn’t needed too much to make an adult cry. They feed from lost souls and commonly get in hatred with GILF luizvc.deviantart.com/art/Guid… that protects them.


They are supposed to be the Riolu/Zorua and Lucario/Zoruark of the Kairos region… hope you like it… I absolutely loved them! And is hard to me to like something that I, ME ,MYSELF, made.
Prepare your Fellires to evolution… if you want… and have already passed by Me (the last gym) to earn your first insanidad bottle, and be able to meet them and buy them all around
Comment please… or SCIRALOON will eat up your soul …err… I love comment… give me them
(lost something? Dunno what insanidad is? Check here: luizvc.deviantart.com/art/Reci… other wonderland nightmons here: luizvc.deviantart.com/art/Bewa… and luizvc.deviantart.com/art/Who-…
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