Drawing Challenge 1 Picture

Okay, I was bored and decided that now that I had a laptop I have alot more freedom to work on projects.

(and yes, For Him is still being worked on... it needs drawn, inked and toned still... the full storyboard is finished at least... and most of it is drawn... so please be patient)

Now this is mostly for the sake of practice with photoshop and some light fun to take my stressed mind away from my endless side projects that I vowed to finish before this year is over... @[email protected]

Its actually fun, take a original story, mines obviously God of Titans and a group of characters from the story. You can even take them from a popular series of your choice its just for fun anyway. A even number of them would be best. Place the names onto a piece of paper and throw them into a bowl/hat/something and draw the names two at a time. Do this for all the characters. Also before you draw make sure to pick a few different themes. Mine were naked, animal costume, fluffy, hate, romance, drama, and pajamas.

Its just so funny seeing the different combinations XD.
I am going to try to draw each one, so be ready for the randomness XD.

This one is of Cronus and Hercules-naked (no coupling just random nudeness XD)

Hope you enjoy it <3

Drawing Challenge 2- [link]
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