Nick - Anthro Picture

Some character concept art that i did while i was on the cruise.

everyone, meet Nick. Nick is actually an old character of mine, who was in desparate need of an upgrade. What is he, exactly? no, he's not a pokemon gijinka, or whatever-you-call-it.

Nick is a Lightning Sprite. In the Tree's mythology, Sprites are normal people who, through sheer force of will, have survived an extreme element which should have killed them. They are quite unusual, and no two are alike, because they are not of a set species.

In Nick's instance, as a child, he was struck by lightning (Other incidents may be things like getting caught in blizzards or avalanches, forest fires, floods or tsunamis, volcanic erputions, etc). This forever changed not only his appearance, but his personality and, of course, his life. His family no longer viewed him as their son and when his childhood best friend ran away from home, he was quick to join them.

Sprites get along quite well with darklings for this reason, and in fact, the Tree is one of the few places they can go where a stigma isn't attached to them. Those that have trouble controlling their abilites often find themselves in the company of darklings who're able to manipulate their element as well, and who will help train them.

Nick is able to control lightning quite well, though when his temper flares, he tends to shock people. His fur is constantly giving off sparks, and depending on his mood, contact with him ranges from feeling like balloon static, to a full on electrical shock.

Because of where Nick comes from, he's also able to shift forms. This is not exclusive to Sprites, and it's something he was able to do before the lightning, thus it effected both of his forms.


Tree Mythos Sprites (c) Zer0dram0n
Nick Feral Form:
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