Edo Marvel: Demons Picture

Demonic villains from 17th Century Japan in this version of the Marvel Universe.

Left to Right:
Kagutsuchi, Mikaboshi, Izanami, Kyumin, and Totsuo.

Counterpart of: Mephisto
Biography: Izanami and Izanagi were the king and queen of the Kami, the reigning gods of Japan. When they and the other Eternals (Iehova, Zeus, Quetzalcoatl, ect.) created the Earth, Izanagi and Izanami created a grand heavenly palace called “Yahirodono” to reward the dead for their noble acts and a horrible place called “Yomi” as punishment for the evil dead. 1000 years after the creation of humankind in Japan, Izanagi chose several exceptional humans to become gods upon their deaths, creating the Shinto Pantheon. Izanami perished as she gave birth to the fire being Kagutsuchi and they were both dragged to Yomi by demonic forces. Izanagi traveled to the underworld to bring her back, but she informed them that they had already feasted on the fruit of the underworld, and can no longer return to the heavens. Unable to see in the darkness of Yomi, Izanagi lit a torch and saw the vile beasts his family had become; screaming in horror, Izanagi ran for the exit. Disgusted by her husband’s betrayal, Izanami swore to destroy him and his precious, beautiful humans. When Izanagi returned to his kingdom, the underworld toxins he washed from his face became his new children, the Gods Susanoo and Tsukuyomi and the Goddess Amateratsu. Becoming the queen of Yomi, Izanami changed the realm from an eternal torture for evil mortals to a boot camp to change them into soldiers for her eventual conquest of Yahirodono; to gain more followers, Izanami would project her visage into the mortal realm, promising those who would listen anything they desired in exchange for perpetual residence in Yomi upon their deaths. This was the same deal she proposed to one Houtei Honoo, who was murdered by a group of men who raped his younger sister. Houtei sold his soul to Izanami in exchange for returning to Earth to destroy the 13 villains, becoming a flaming, skeletal monster called the Wanyudo!
Powers: Magical powers and abilities for a variety of uses, including superhuman strength, size manipulation, time alteration, energy and matter manipulation and others. Though she draws strength from the billions of dead loyal to her, Izanami is not yet mighty enough to escape Yomi; instead she can project an illusion of herself in the mortal world in the form of a beautiful woman, instead of the corpse-like abomination Izanagi can see her to be. When she does battle with a warrior in her own realm, she can pull out her own black heart and transform it into whatever weapon she desires.

Counterpart of: Dormammu
Biography: Centuries ago, the Pride, a family of benevolent dragons, were forced to do battle with two of their own: Kyumin and his sister Hanagata, both of whom were driven to madness for power after drawing in the Flames of Faltine, the Dread Dragon. The two dark siblings were too powerful for the other dragons, who wished to protect humankind while Kyumin and Hanagata sought to enslave it. The Dragon King Ryujoumae, using the draconic magic of “shadow-walking”, created a gateway to the underworld that the siblings were unable to avoid. Trapped for centuries in Yomi, the life of a thousand deaths, Kyumin and Hanagata went at each other throats, with the brother eventually slaying the sister and absorbing her half of Faltine’s Flames. Kyumin escaped Yomi and sent an army of demons to conquer the southern part of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. With his amplified powers, Kyumin forged a magic barrier that prevented the Pride from entering or leaving. With many humans enslaved by the demons, Kyumin the New Dread Dragon began implanting his seed into his harem of human sex slaves for them to birth more dragons loyal to him. A six-year-old orphan girl named Mishiranu escaped Kyumin’s harem and, 15 years later, returned as the Stranger, Earth’s most powerful and heroic magic user. The Stranger’s magic overwhelmed the demons and her final spell, a binding incantation, sent Kyumin back to Yomi forevermore.
Decades later, the Stranger battled the Baron Mordo, a demonic sorcerer with powers equal to her. Mordo began to strain under the pressure of using his magic, until his material flesh began to deteriorate; his body erupted in a towering inferno before Kyumin, in a new humanoid shape, emerged, revealing that he escaped Yomi by using Mordo as a vehicle. Weakened from the fight, Mishiranu had no choice but to retreat back to her Sanctum to recover; Kyumin, in the meantime, sent his Soulless Ones, golem soldiers of his creation, to attack a human city. The Stranger sent a telepathic message to several other super-beings, telling them to help her stop the Soulless Ones. These super-beings are Nori the Kappa Prince, the female shinigami Yama, and the ninja Nighthawk, who kept Kyumin and his minions at bay while the Stranger recovered. She was finally able to defeat Kyumin by placing a curse upon him that made any form of flesh, including dragon flesh, poisonous for him to inhabit; this curse will exist for as long as the caster is still alive. Now unable to exist in the mortal world with or without a flesh body, Kyumin retreated back to Yomi. The Stranger and the other heroes decided to stay together as the Defense, a new team of heroes.
Months later, The Stranger and her manservant Huang took in a new tenant in her sanctum: a silver-haired man named Sakae
Powers: Dragonic and magical powers that can exceed even the Stranger’s. His flesh constantly emits an unquenchable magic flame that is dangerous to the touch. Other powers include energy projection; matter transmutation; size shifting and teleportation; body possession; resurrection of the dead; bestowing of power; and creating Soulless Ones.

Counterpart of: Azazel
Biography: Totsuo, an oni warlord, and his demon loyalists, escaped Yomi and travel the islands of Japan in disguise to avoid the Kamis’ spirit warriors. Seeking to conquer the human world for themselves, Totsuo and his minions have the power to convert humans into demons by exposing them to their blood. Years ago, the band of demons used their gold to pay for a group of demoness courtesans to “entertain” them, and the de facto leader of these temptresses, a fox demoness named Karasu, laid with Totsuo. When the warlord awoke in the morning, the demon women were gone and Karasu left her golden skull amulet behind.
9 months later, Totsuo and his band discovered an infant fox demon and a note from Karasu, revealing the baby boy, Gitsune, to be her and Totsuo’s son. Totsuo raised Gitsune, and when he came of age Gitsune left his world to find his mother. Karasu revealed to her son that she is not only a prostitute working for the Hellfire Club, but also Mystique, a member of the Fraternity of Power sent to spy on the Hellfire for her lord Aegis, Master of Metal.
Gitsune joined the Fraternity as Nightcrawler, but a betrayal caused him to leave the Fraternity and side with their enemies, the heroic Men of Tendai.
When Totsuo felt it was time for his son to join them in their mission, he made a mystically-bound covenant with the Men of Tendai: as long as Gitsune is loyal to the demons, the Men of Tendai are physically capable of interfering with Totsuo’s operation, and the other way around.
Powers: Totsuo has the ability to teleport across long distances, generate bolts and streams of paralyzing energy, as well as destructive energy which causes a form of disintegration, and can disguise his appearance. In addition to this, he and the other demons loyal to him have the ability to change other people into demons with their blood. Totsuo also has a great knowledge of ancient magic.

Counterpart of: Surtur
Biography: The fire deity Kagutsuchi died in childbirth and both he and his mother Izanami were dragged to the underworld. When they ate the fruits of Yomi to survive, they became more disgusting beings, which caused Izanagi, Kagutsuchi’s father, to reject them. Angry, the demon embraced his new powers and became three times as large and as powerful, forging a powerful Sword of Doom from the bones of the slain. Using his powers of flame, Kagutsuchi caused a series of volcanic eruptions, hoping to destroy Japan unless Izanagi surrendered his heavenly kingdom to Yomi. Susanoo, God of Storms and son of Izanagi, ventured forth to recruit several mystics to aide him in traveling to Yomi and stopping his half-brother’s onslaught upon the world. While his team The Regalia acted to save civilian lives on the surface, Susanoo, Concordia, The Stranger, Nova, and Captain Kiseki traveled to the underworld to face Izanami and Kagutsuchi.
The two demons were more than a match for the five heroes, and during the battle, the fire-bringer boasted about he would use Susanoo’s sword, Kusanagi, to behead Izanagi. Izanami was victorious over the magic heroes, and Kagutsuchi slew Susanoo and took his sword. Emerging from one of his volcanoes, the fire demon was about to attack a mortal city, in order to claim their souls for Izanami, but he started convulsing in pain. Susanoo knew that Izanami and her brood were much less powerful outside of an immortal realm, so after transferring his essence into the Kusanagi, he reincarnated himself inside Kagutsuchi’s skull, exploding his head into 8 pieces!
Susanoo then returned to Yomi to rescue his allies, revealing to his step-mother Izanami that the fire demon is dead. In exchange for their freedom, he would tell her where Kagutsuchi lays dead for her demons to retrieve. She let them go, and he said that he scattered his shattered skull into the 8 volcanoes he created. With their mission a success, the heroes returned to Earth while Izanami screamed in rage.
Powers: Superhuman size/strength/durability/stamina/senses; power over flame; use of the Sword of Doom; horns, fangs, wings, claws, and a tail; black armor;

Counterpart of: Thanos
Biography: In the primordial times, the Creation and the Negation, the two cosmic forces that control the universe, spawned a sentient group of powerful beings called the Eternals. These beings spread themselves throughout the universe, bringing life unto many planets. But when the Creation and Negation amalgamated a second time, with Negation briefly overpowering Creation, this spawned the mind-set of evil and a dark counterpart to the Eternals called the Deviants. Among the Deviants are beings known as Satan, Tezcatlipoca, Hades, Set, The Bunyip, and, last but not least, Mikaboshi. The two races waged war for eons, with the righteousness of the Eternals prevailing over the cruelty of the Deviants. Defeated the Deviants were imprisoned in different uninhabited planets and heavenly bodies. When the Eternals made Earth their new home, the created the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Gems, the only keys to unlocking the Deviants’ prison. The Eternal Izanagi was elected to be the safekeeper of the Gauntlet while the others held onto the Gems.
The death goddess Izanami, seeking vengeance against her husband Izanagi, projects her visage to the furthest stars in the sky to converse with Mikaboshi in his imprisonment, and they became lovers. By channeling his powers through her and the underworld, Mikaboshi was able to transform a human into The Destroyer, a powerful warrior who serves him. Taking on the powers and weapons of those who tried to stop him, the Destroyer became powerful enough to steal the Infinity Gauntlet from Izanagi. Izanami then took the Gauntlet and became powerful enough to leave the underworld, ready to destroy Izanagi and those he hold dear. But then, Mikaboshi channeled his powers through Izanami once more and betrayed her, stealing the Gauntlet for himself. Now in control of the Infinity Gauntlet, Mikaboshi freed himself from banishment and came to Earth. Traveling the puny planet, he started overwhelming the other ruling Eternals and stealing the six Infinity Gems to free his Deviant brothers. Ultimately, the Destroyer’s human side regained control and tried to stop Mikaboshi, but the Deviant Lord slew him. As Mikaboshi was about to take control of the final Infinity Gem from the Eternal Quetzalcoatl, a flash of light appeared before him and a team of super-powered fighters calling themselves the Infinity Guard appeared before him. The Destroyer, in his final moments, released the energy he collected and divided it between six worthy beings: Warlock Adam, Pip the Troll, Gamora, Kismet, Maxam, and Destroyer’s own daughter, who became the leader Moondragon. The Infinity Guard was successful in defeating Mikaboshi by separating the Gems from the Gauntlet, which drained the wearer’s power at the same time. Mikaboshi had since been returned to his celestial prison and the Infinity Items to their proper owners. The Infinity Guard has sworn to reunite whenever the power of infinity is on the verge of being used for evil.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/durability/stamina/senses/aim/reflexes/healing/intellect; energy and matter manipulation; psionic powers; flight; all powers were amplified 100-fold with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Mentioned Characters:
Izanagi: Odin
Kami: Asgardians
Yahirodono: Asgard
Susanoo: Thor
Tsukuyomi: Loki
Amateratsu: Balder
Wanyudo: Ghost Rider

Hanagata: Umar
The Stranger: Dr. Strange
Soulless Ones: Mindless Ones
Nori: Namor
Yama: Brunhilde the Valkyrie
The Defense: The Defenders
Huang: Wong
Sakae: Clea

Fraternity of Power Brotherhood of Mutants
Aegis: Magneto
Men of Tendai: X-Men

Concordia: Scarlet Witch
Captain Kiseki: Captain Marvel
Kusanagi: Mjolnir
The Destroyer: Drax
Infinity Guard: Infinity Watch
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