Sailor Letitia Picture

*Update* got this updated too! and much happier with this than the last one..>.> needed redrawing. and now she has a much prettier fuku.^^*

the third senshi of my project. a little disappointed with this one cause there wasn't really much i could do...but atleast she looks pretty.

meaning: Bright Beauty
age: 15
birthday: September 17th
sign: Virgo
blood type: B
hair: reddish magenta, pulled into a bun at the top of her head with two puffed ponytails falling from it towards the sides
eyes: dark magenta and mischevious
parents: Ceres and Vesta

personality: She's a bit of a hellion, wild like her mothers. She always loves playing pranks and running loose all over the place, or playing with any animal she can find.

history and info: Ceres was the one who ended up pregnant and it took a little while to figure out whose starseed had been mixed with hers. when it turned out it was Vesta, it came as a shock to both. But they agreed to raise the girl together.sometimes she and her parents join a circus for a while because of her parents memories. her scout name, Letitia means fertility,referring to the mother of both goddesses Vesta and Ceres in mythology.

senshi name: Sailor Letitia
powers: plants
henshin: Fertile crystal power, make up!
weapon: whip


Taming Whip Strike: She lashes her whip at the enemy. even if the enemy dodges it, it creates a kind of soundwave on the snap that hypnotizes the enemy for a few minutes and will do anything Sailor Letitia says.
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