The Witches Goddess Picture

A witch riding a tiger over the wind.

She blows a horn,

sky clad except for her cape,

her breasts unbound.

Danish church mural, 1300s.

At the end of the middle ages an international myth of the Old Goddess stretched from the Slavic east to the Celtic west and from Italy to Scandinavia. People said that a vibrant, powerful crone flew in the midst of a cavalcade of spirits dead and unborn, joined by witches of all lands. On the eves of Pagan Holy days the spirit hosts set out for high mountaintops or other sacred

At these animist sanctuaries the witches dance, play music and games, feast and celebrate their mysteries. The divine Mistress of the Night presides over the gathering, giving cures and revealing the future. Often she miraculously revives the animals the witches have been feasting on. The goddesses, their flight on the pagan festivals, even their destinations, all are closely interwoven in popular tradition with witches and faeries.
Excerpt from The Witches Goddess ....... Max Dashu
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