K.A.S. - Fenris Picture

Name: Queen Fainis
Aliases: Fenris, the Great Wolf, the Hellhound Queen, Death's Bride, the Hound of Death, the Fire Beneath the Sand, the Desert Scourge, the Desert Wolf
Faction: Rogue
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Kaiju Rank: 5

Height: 65 meters
Length: 140 meters (without tails) / 315 meters (to tip of dragon tail)
Weight: 69,000 tons


Head of Hound : The main head and central conscious of the savage demon known as Fenris, the grinning hound's head of Fainis leads the rest of her chaotic form. Long and sturdy, the canine jaws can rip and tear horrendous wounds with their jagged obsidian fangs. This head also houses a keen sense of hearing, capable of detecting the breath of a potential victims miles away.

Brog and Gawl : Mounting the wolf's shoulders like primeval turrets from an age passed are two draconic heads. These heads, although firmly under the command of Fenris, are distinct beings with separate thoughts from the hellhound. The robust crimson dragon is a brute called Brog. A ravenous eating machine and mindless aggressor, Brog is the muscle among the three main heads of Fenris. He can split hides and shatter armor easily with his conical obsidian teeth and brings the olfactory prowess to the hound. Brog can sniff out foes long before his companions become aware of them. The other, more gaunt dragon is a sly being called Gawl. Wily and witty, Gawl is the appointed tactician among the wolf's pooled minds. It is he that strategizes and plans when brute force fails the Hellhound Queen. His thin, spear-like fangs of volcanic glass are almost as sharp as his wits. He also provides the demon with eagle eyes, his yellow orbs far-seeing and attentive.

Sey : Flowing from Fenris's flank as one of her three tails, the serpent Sey acts as a rear sentry and guard to the hellish wolf. He is a fidgety, active thing- always moving, always watching, always looking for something to entertain. In terms of thought he is somewhere between Brog's simpleness and Gawl's smarts, a good balance between the two. Sey serves Fenris well be alerting her to attacks from behind, the snake quite notable in his anger, spitting hatefully and flaring a thin hood.

Wings of Gawl : A small set of wings sit upon Fenris's rump, the membranous digits under the rule of Gawl. Although useless for flight, these augmented hands are quite nasty when slashing their long, blade-like talons at foes. These fingers of Gawl are quick and clever enough to be used as swords, lunging, stabbing, and parrying with surprising precision.

Tail of Brog : An extension of Brog and by far the heftiest of Fenris's three tails, the heavy crimson appendage that flails behind the demonic hound is a wrecking ball of force and savagery. With tremendous girth and a bladed arrowhead, the ruby-scaled weapon can topple enough the greatest of threats to the Hound of Death. Swung about wildly with all the control and discipline of the bestial Brog.

Sting of Death : The last of Fainis's tails and part of the original hound herself, a boney black scorpion stinger hangs above the wolf like a reaping scythe. Wavering back and forth hypnotically, the toxic tail can be stabbed down in the blink of am eye, rarely more than a blur of black and a burst of agony for victimized foes.

Sheering Pinch : A set of appendages from the scorp-hound Fainis, Fenris is armed with two snipping scorpion pincers on her sides. These anxious claws are ready and willing to tear into any offensive flesh that draws near them.

Demon Flames : Both the hound and dragon heads of Fenris can spew great gouts of crimson fire. These demonic flames are energized and unstable, leaving the devil's jaws more like crudely controlled explosions than actual flames. The searing heat of this hellfire is capable of incinerating fur and flesh from bone, but possessed poor accuracy due to its wild trajectory.

Shadow Talons : Each of Fenris's gangly limbs is tipped by three jagged obsidian claws. Besides messily parting flesh with their irregular razor-edges, these black talons can throw cutting crescent of black essence. These 'shadow arcs' are fast and silent, striking like suicidal stealth bomber. They are weightless and intangible, yet can slice even tough flesh wide open.

Hell's Venom : Held within the fangs of Sey and the stinger of Fainis, Fenris can inject victims with a noxious, toxic substance that is called the very essence of Hell- quite literally Hell's venom. This molten orange fluid boils the blood and sets fire to the flesh, sending intense pain throughout foes with even a small dosage. A single spurt cannot last more than a few minutes, but Fenris seems capable of producing it at a rapid pace, never running dry. She takes full advantage of this too. The sadistic wolf will often pin foes beneath her and simply drip the acid-like liquid onto them until they perish or escape. The wolf once forced an enemy to endure three days of this torment before it finally burned through his skull and killed him.

Flash of Fear : From any of her venom yellow eyes, Fenris can launch a piercing spotlight of evil light that skewers even the boldest of hearts with paralyzing fear for a moment.

Gateway to Hell : The jaws of Fainis are actually portals to her Earth Hallow home of sulfur and brimstone. Her obsidian fangs are not mere stones, but enchanted crystals that anchor Fenris to her homeland and allow its twisted properties to affect the world above. Through dark magic, the volcanic teeth and claws act as focuses capable of weaponizing the demonic elements of fire and darkness, and also serve another purpose- physically connecting whatever plain Fenris stalks with her fiery kingdom. By consuming objects and organisms, Fenris cast them into her own world. Her maw leads directly into her Earth Hollow. The unholy land can even bee see simply looking into the gullet of the wolf.

Curse : To ascend into her ultimate form of existence, Hades's Hound allows her dark elements to run wild and consume her. Her fur and flesh burns away, suspending her black bones in a blazing inferno of orange hellfire. This fiery, skeletal form can only last a short time, but is devastatingly powerful. From any point in her supernatural form this cursed being can unleash a broad column of pure vaporization that engulfs foes complete, stripping away armor, skin, and meat as easily as paper wrapping.


Sound of the Holy : While it is true that Fenris is affected by the religious of this world, it is only a very specific expression of faith that harms her- music. The Great Wolf is tormented by the sound of holy music. It burns in her ears like fire and dulls her limbs. It scalds her nostrils and petrifies her muscle. She cannot stand it. It matters not of what religion the tunes are of, only that they are sung with bravery and belief.

Brotherly Bickering : Gawl and Brog are actually siblings- rowdy brothers with the healthy competition of any related pair. This is not always good for Fenris as a whole. A foe clever of lucky enough can fool the brothers in bickering, and their fighting is sure to foil the rest of the hound's efforts.


Drakia is merciless, Ketos is cruel, but Fenris is downright sadistic. She is perhaps one of the most bloodthirsty being in existence. She exists for the pain of others, she feeds off of suffering. It makes he happy to see foe in agony, and there is no limit to what agony she rains down on innocents and offenders alike. Nothing is too extreme, too brutal, for the Hound of Death. Battles are not struggles of survival for her. They are games. Life itself is naught but a game for the she-wolf, one big joyful dance of pain and laughter. Fenris has no ambitions or hatred or schemes of revenge. She holds no grudges. In fact, she does quite the opposite- those that best her do not gain the wolf's scorn. They gain her favor. The only thing Fenris loves anywhere near as much as pain is a good battle, so those that provide her with such entertainment win the status of favorite playmates to the demonic female. Although there is no doubting the sinister depths of her black soul, it could be argued that "evil" is not an appropriate term for the chimera. There is nothing she does out of anger. All she does is for her own amusement. Her own joy. It is her greed that classifies her in the legions of darkness. While "amoral" is most likely the better term for her personal brand of wickedness, Fenris is nevertheless firmly among the numbers of the damned. She is bad, and she loves it.

The regal hound is infamous for her wide, insane grins and deep, demonic cackles. Where she hails from, both cause panicked thunderbolts of terror through even the most war-hardened of demons.


Although there may be no such thing as the Christian idea of Hell, under the hot sands of the Middle East lies a land of lore and legend that is a very close match. Fields of fire send enormous plumes into the air, lava and rock flows freely like water, and sulfur clouds the sky like the breath of a devil. It is a harsh, brutal place inhabited by all manner of demons and monsters. Vicious packs of hellhounds prowl the searing plains, the hunters of the sinful and the damned. Misshapen dragons soar the sky and thrash through the molten rivers, twisted reflections of the majestic beasts of legend. Serpent stalk the ground and bats fill the air. Chimeras as numerous as they are abominable roam this dark landscape, wild and feral. These demonic hoards are savage and unruly, a force that answers to no one.

No one but their queen.

It is said that she was born from the greatest battle that this underworld ever saw. Not in the midst of a war or during a duel, but from a battle. When the throne was left empty by the passing of an aged king, three forces gathered to feud for rule of the land- the cackling scorp-hound Fainis, the smug dragon brothers Gawl and Brog, and the young serpent Sey. The grand leader of this realm was not decided by intellect or wisdom or experience, but by strength. The strongest ruled. And the four demons were each convinced that they were strongest. A great battle broke out- hound against dragons against snake. The war of the power-greedy beasts tore across the hellish land like a twister, leveling mountains, cratering earth, and toppling eons-old monuments to old rulers. Hours went by, and then days, and then weeks, and then months. After thirteen years of nonstop battle, all four of the demons with eyes for the throne had been proven wrong. None of them were strongest, because they were all evenly matched in power. There could be no winner of the war, yet none of the combatants were willing to admit surrender. So they battled on, fueled by denial, and eventually tore at one another so fiercely, so wrathfully, that they fused into one beast. The newly born chimera collapsed to the ground under the wounds of more than a dozen years, and the other denizens of the underworld gathered around the prone body to witness their new ruler. Slowly, the combined beast rose on shaky legs and opened fours sets of eyes. The thing's mouth parted. The demons and brutes leaned forward to head the first words of their master.

She spoke her name- Fainis.

Although their bodies had been combined, the consciousnesses of the demons could no mesh properly, and only one was given overall mastery of their new flesh. The hound had prevailed not in the war between claws and fangs, but the war between wills. Her mind had screamed the hardest for rule, and now her rivals were helpless under her as nothing but extensions of her wishes. It was the ultimate defeat for Brog, Gawl, and Sey, although they soon found that they were not entirely displeased with their fate. Under Fainis, they still received what they desired most- blood. If anything, the hound was even more bloodthirsty than the serpent and the dragon. She slaughter the subjects that offended her, she obliterated all threats to her realm, and- when she needed a good exercise or was in a good mood- rose to the surface and ravaged the mortals above. It was on one of these routine rampages that she leveled the icy north and was given a title she took a shine to by the human warriors there- 'Fenris.' The wolf had long believed she needed a new name to fit her new body. Although the mind was Fainis, the flesh was not. Not completely. So she took on this new name. She became Fenris!

While it is not know if this tall tale is true in its entirety, there is a fearsome, chimeric hound that rules an Earth Hollow under the Persian Gulf, and she is known under the alias of the titanic wolf Fenrir from Norse mythology. She existed only in whispers of superstition left over from an age long ago until the time came that the legend lived again. The day that the water of the gulf boiled and churned.

The day that Fenris rose into the human world after a millennium of absence.

There was no particular reason for this sudden return. No feasible explanation. It can only be assumed that she was stricken with that great plague of intelligent life- boredom. Whatever her reasons, the Great Wolf made a beeline for the nearest human settlement- the Saudi Arabian city of Dhahran- and unleashed all her sadism in a lightning crack of hellfire. Crimson flames licked the skies as buildings and people alike were set aflame by the chimera, and her gurgling laughter rang across the world like a war declaration. The destruction carved through the city as if it was made of glass, and the flames only rose higher and higher. Fenris had discovered that oil refineries burned with a most pleasing aggression- a truly explosive vigor!

The wolf, drunken with the joy of pain and suffering, neared a holy building with her snapping jaws and flailing paws, and one brave soul stood between the sacred place and the demon come to life. He knew there was nothing he could do against such a horror, but he refused to abandon the place of worship- a place he was charged with keeping. And he would not fail in this duty. Not while he still lived. Alone and in the face of unspeakable, the determined soul did not speak. He did something unfathomably more audacious.

He sung.

He sung, loudly and boldly, in praise of the god he would surely join in only a few moments. Perhaps some divine force was listening, because another implausible happening occurred in that moment. Fenris staggered in pain, a low howl escaping her slumping frame. The champion of evil moaned and flapped her ears in small spasms. The music! The music! It spiked into her brained like white-hot nails! Seeing their attacker falter, others joined the brave one in his song. More voices were projected to the heavens, to the forces above, against the demon on their Earth. And their song worked. Eyes rolled back into her skull and red flowing from her ears, Fenris stumbled away, fleeing the agonizing sound until her bladed tail tip vanished behind the rubble she scattered amongst the city.

The song faded, and a great whoop came from the small band of defiant worshipers. Faith had triumphed over sin, as thing should always be. Teeth showed in bright smiles, complete strangers embraced without hesitation, and tears were shed with no shame.

Their happy tears were vaporized from flesh scorched black by a hellish inferno when a fiery oil tanker- plunked from the sea and briefly adopted by the sky- crashed down and became obliteration.

A burning yellow-orange mushroom cloud stretched towards the heavens like a defiant fist thrown towards divinity. Flesh and char rained down like the forecast of the Apocalypse, and Fenris cackled uproariously as she came leaping and bounding through the ash of those that dared defied her. Her antics were answered by a loud bellow. Yellow eyes widening with interest, the Desert Wolf looked past the flames and smoke, to where a tall, hairy humanoid figure stood rigid with rage.


The god-ape had come when he heard that a 'Fenris' had appeared, but, whatever it was that he had been expecting, it was not this. This was no Fenrir. This was not the titanic hound of legend. This was a monster. A black-hearted fiend that slaughtered for the fun of it. The golden sasquatch howled in anger and slammed his mighty hammer Mjölnir into the earth like a meteor. The ruined ground cratered like talk and the god stared into the face of the she-devil, determination set into his sapphire eyes.

It ended here.

Grinning like the maniac she was, Fenris gladly answered the ape's challenge by lunging with slavering jaws wide!

Like something straight out of northern lore, the chimeric monstrosity and the godly bigfoot tumbled across the broken cityscape in a war of two. Fenris laughed and grinned madly, her fangs and claws wet with the blood of the god. Thor, barely phased by his shredded chest, held nothing back. His hammer swung through the air like a wrecking ball, the wolf's pelt split into bloody stains under its immense power. Fire and lightning crossed through the sky in a deadly dance, jagged gold and blazing crimson swirling into a cloud of ionization. Within minutes, the god and the demon were bloody and burned, neither spared from wet patches of gore or blackened scorch marks. Fenris was lager, far bigger than the ape, and more feral in her assaults, but the bright-furred warrior was powerful. His strength and conviction repelled all of the demon's pounces and slashes, his hammer now sticky with her lifeblood and hair. The battle seemed evenly matched...

Until the companions of Fainis interrupted!

Like a living rope, Sey slithered forward and tangled himself between Thor's feet. Legs wrapped by the snickering serpent, the god-ape toppled backwards. No sooner than he shattered the warped concrete and asphalt, Brog and Gawl struck! The obsidian-jawed dragons each gripped a hairy shoulder, the tough flesh becoming mulch between their reptilian muzzles. Thor thrashed and fought against his living restraints, ready to split each of them with Mjölnir, but Fainis was faster. Scorpion tail streaking down like a dark lance, the golden bigfoot was pumped with two dosed of Hell's venom- one to his forehead, one to his throat. The god stiffened in agony, his veins pulsing with distress as the noxious substance spread uncontrollably. The ape's vision swam, his brilliant blue eyes clouding over. The god teetered on the edge, hanging onto the few thin strands of life he had left, but something kept him from passing to the next world. Something that couldn't go unavenged. Something that made his head swirl and his blood boil more potently than any poison could.

The hanging smell of cooked flesh and last echos of lives ended in violence.

The ape's eyes cleared in a heartbeat, and the angered god stared up into the open jaws of Fenris. The chimera loomed above him with her maw wide open, ready to consume him! And beyond her crystal teeth, Thor saw not soft pink tissue, but an entire other world. The world of Fenris. Plumes of fire, stacks of smoke, the screams of demons, and the moans of the damned, all tumbling and spilling from the gullet of the hellhound. Blue eyes narrowed. Ripping his hammer arm loos from the tight grip of Gawl, Thor cocked back his muscular limb and hurled Mjölnir like a steel thunderbolt.

The legendary hammer stuck fast in the throat of the demon!

Fenris stumbled back with a strangled gurgle, her jaws held open by the famed weapon and thin streaks of blood tracing the corners of her mouth. Leaping to his feet and letting all the might of unjustly shattered souls fill him, the Thunderer unleashed a trillion bolts! The flood of electricity, seeking out the Enigma-lanced metal it was bonded to, channeled into Mjölnir and flowed freely into Fenris. The Fire Beneath the Sand went up in smoke and sparks as every inch of her area was fried by divine voltage, no bit of her spared from Thor's wrath. The wolf howled frightfully, and her voice was joined by others. The electricity spearing down her throat and into the portal of her gullet, it was her homeland that was attacked as well! Her subjects all shrieked and screamed for their Queen as they were filled by Thor's anger, their eyes boiling and flesh falling away from bones. A great anguished bellow came from Fenris. Her subjects- her children in many cases- suffered for her. Shaking her head wildly, jaws cracking and squealing with a sickening moistness, the wolf dislodged the hammer from her jaws- nearly at the cost of the jaws themselves- and fled. As the chimera reentered the gateway to her world, Thor stood proud and heaving. He may have failed against Vastrato, but the terrible imposter of Fenrir had fallen to him!

Fenris was unseen for several months are her defeat at the hands of Thor, but emerged again within the next year. It was not war she had in mind this time though. She did not attack humanity this time. Not directly anyway. Several small towns and tiny villages were trampled underfoot by the massive chimera as she trekked to the west coast of South America, but she raised not claw nor fang against men. It was she herself that was threaten at the tips of razor talons.

The talons of Ketos.

Rising from the sea to meet the approaching wolf, Ketos sneered in displeasure. The wolf only beamed her teeth. The demon was all smiles. In an ancient language, unknown to the tongue or mind of man- the very words of evil- the conqueror and the marauder spoke. It was no peaceful talk. Ketos snarled and spat in anger, spittle leaving his jaws like rain. Fenris only grinned and snickered, clearly amused. She was toying with the dragon, and this was no secret to the Demon of the Deep. He was being mocked openly. Yet he did not attack. Only threatened and motioned. It was unusual behavior for the bloated beast, his enormous ego constantly driving him to destroy perceived offenses. But not now. Not against Fenris. In fact, in spite of his famed stubbornness, it was the dragon who left. Ketos had allowed himself to be driven away by the words of the wolf.

Although no one can be sure unless told by the the Mykonean Devil himself, it is suspected by some that he and Fenris may be related in some way. Perhaps they hail from the same plain of existence. They could even be kin, siblings or cousins by blood or family. Whatever the case, it is undeniable that Ketos knew Fenris and was willing to spare her from attack, a fact that the wolf took full advantage of. Still smiling broadly, the Hellhound Queen left the sands of the coast and trotted back towards her hellish realm. But she never made it there. Highly monitored since the wolf's initial attack on the surface world, nothing passed through the entrance to the hound's Earth Hallow after she left the second time. Scant reports from northern Turkey suggest that Fenris may stalk the conifer forest of the Pontic Mountains though.

Watching. Waiting. Hoping for something to entertain her.

Important Dates:

December 23, 20X2- Fenris appears to the modern world for the first time by attacking Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Much of the city is destroyed and precious oil resources burned before Thor arrives and drives away the wolf.

February 16, 20X3- Fenris appears again, but not in aggression. Instead of directly threatening humanity like her initial appearance, she seeks out the dragon Ketos and converses with him in an ancient language of evil. He leaves in anger. It is believed the two are somehow related, perhaps having had dealings in the past.


Finally! Done! K.A.S Fenris is done! I've had the picture done for weeks now, and just finally got around to finishing her bio. A bit sad, really.

Also, before I go on, big thanks to *akantorMH for the use of Thor and *RenDragonClaw for clearing up a few things that would have made me look rather dumb otherwise. I appreciate it guys. I'm still fairly new to all this K.A.S. business.

Anywho, this version of Fens really exaggerates her demonic/chimera features, as well as including influences from the pictures done by ~The-Great-MM and ~KingCaesar09. I'm super happy with how the design came out, and an also very pleased with the powers and origin. Fenris is one of my very first kaiju creations, and I've always felt that her moveset and foggy begginings have been- like her- rather chaotic. But they were just, I dunno, too much of a staple to change by the point I developed enough as a monster-maker to see my earlier follies. So, this was a perfect chance to produce a set of abilities more focused and specialized for ol' Fens.

This honestly may be my favorite K.A.S adaptation yet.

So, anyway, Quetzar- or Shunzar, as he will be called- is next up on the KASification list. Should be fun, he'll change a lot.
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