Draka VS. Alliance Picture

The Draka World (from the Domination Series by Stirling)if a few things happened differently:

The Soviet Rump (the Siberian Worker's Republic) continued fighting a guerilla war against the Draka up till the 70s, when a peace was finally signed (though Siberia, under the terms of the peace, could never join the alliance).

America never defeated Japan. Instead, the Japanese Empire eventually joined the Alliance, despite the fact it isn't very democratic.

China successfully revolted from the Draka in the late 60s. Tibet came off too.

The Indian Incident (when the Draka took over India after a Hindu Nationalist Party took over) never happened. However, since the 80s, India has been in a Civil War.

In the 90s, the Great European Revolt Started. By 2000, word of the revolt had leaked into the Alliance.

This World is a horrible, hellish place. The Draka have their own Atheist Ideology regarding themselves as the superior race. It has elements from Nordic, Greek, Roman, and Hindu Mythology. They practice "Color-blind Slavery" (Conquered peoples are made slaves regardless of skin-color, and maybe a few elites are made free citizens). Their 'serfs', as they call their slaves are regarded as subhuman creatures who can be killed and experimented on. The Draka have developed Genetics to a high level (though in this world its not as high as in the original Draka universe). The Draka are truly democratic, but only for the free citizens.

Increasingly though, they're falling behind to the Alliance, the group of nations that is left opposing the Draka. The Draka may have Bio-chemical warfare, but the Alliance is a lot further along in Computer sciences and machinery.

The Map depicts the world in 2012.
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