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Tabitha Jones sat in her chair, taking keen note of every detail about the head librarian as she sat there perusing the young woman's references. Ms. Kent was tall, shapely, and extremely attractive. She was dressed smartly, though Tiffany knew she could pull of something sexy with no trouble at all. Her age was hard to determine, but she couldn't have been too far off from Miss Jones's age, in either direction. She had no ring on her fingers, though her ears were pierced and Tabitha thought she had seen her attempting to repair a necklace when she had come in for the interview. She also seemed remarkably capable with computers, which was unexpected, all things considered.

Ms. Kent glanced up from the computer screen and noticed the keen interest her interviewee was taking in her. Her faced flushed ever so slightly, and the corners of her mouth twitched upwards for a moment, but when she addressed her, her manner was professional and unfamiliar.

"Well, you certainly have an impressive work history, Miss Jones," Ms. Kent said with a smile, "It would appear that the only library of note you haven't spent time in was the Ancient Library of Alexandria!"

Tabitha laughed politely and thought to herself, You'd be surprised. Aloud she said modestly, "I suppose I've gotten around."

"That's one way of putting it. I can see from your references that you've spent a great deal of time studying both the mystical and the occult. Any particular reason you find these two subjects so fascinating?"

"I've always heard it said that you can learn a lot about a culture through their stories and mythology. Magic and occult practices often crop up in fairytales and folklore, and I've just always found them to be the most fascinating aspects of all the old stories," Miss Jones replied, then worry crossed her face and she asked, "That's not a problem I hope?"

"Not at all," Ms. Kent reassured her, "I was just curious. You've certainly had a fascinating and far-reaching career. What prompted you to come to the Racks View Memorial Library? You're not from this area I understand?"

"No, I'm originally from Coastal City," Tabitha replied, "I moved down here a little while ago, trying to get back in touch with an old friend." The young woman studied Ms. Kent's reaction closely as she said this, but if the Head Librarian had caught her meaning, she wasn't letting on. When she didn't receive the desired reaction, Tabitha decided to press on.

"This seems like quite a grand library, have you been working here long?"

"No, actually. I was appointed Head Librarian by Mr. Mathers only a few weeks ago," Ms. Kent replied, "and what with the rather premature reopening of the library, we've been scrambling to get things sorted around here."

"What do you mean 'premature?'" Miss Jones asked.

"The building just recently underwent a massive renovation, courtesy of Mr. Mathers, the curator. Unfortunately, it was reopened to the public before all of the work was completed, so there are still some things that need attention. It should all be sorted out soon, though, and none of it poses a hazard. Mostly cosmetic from what I understand."

"I see," Tabitha replied, then paused for a moment and added meekly, "So, do I have the job?"

"You do as far as I'm concerned!" Ms. Kent replied, smiling brightly, "I'll just have to run your résumé by Mr. Mathers before it's official, he likes to take a look at any girls we hire from out of town, though I see no reason why he'd object to your being here. It will probably take him a while to go over all of your references, so why don't you head home and we can put you to work bright and early tomorrow morning."

"Thank you very much!" Miss Jones replied as she shook the hand Ms. Kent had extended to her. She bid her good day and made to leave the office, but stopped halfway out the door. After a moments hesitation, she turned around and asked, "Ms. Kent, do we know each other from somewhere? I have the strangest feeling that we've met before."

"Oh I don't think so," Ms. Kent said, gracing her with a flattering smile, "I'm fairly certain I'd remember if we had."

Tabitha Jones stared hard at Ms. Kent for a moment, then nodded slowly and made her way out of the building. The young woman stopped just outside the main door and stared off into the sky. Tabitha Jones, she thought to herself, there's a name I hadn't expected to use again. Her reconnaissance complete, the incognito Spellbound took stock of what she knew and pondered over it.

The last sighting had been almost a month ago, that seemed about right. But why on earth had she changed her name to Kent and hidden here of all places? It wasn't like she needed to do that to protect herself, if anything this had only made her more vulnerable! Well, that wasn't entirely true. It had taken all of the divination skill Spellbound possessed, plus a lot of old fashioned investigative work and no small amount of luck to track her down. 'Ms. Kent' had certainly gone to a great deal of trouble to cover her tracks, but why? What was her motive? None of this made sense, especially considering what she had been doing prior to her disappearance. And why didn't she seem to remember anything? Was it an act? Or had something happened to her?

Spellbound sighed and made her way around the building, headed to a nearby bus stop. She didn't have enough information yet. She had the job, at least, so that meant she would be able to observe her closely without arousing too much suspicion. It was dangerous, obviously, but she had to know more. As she walked past the library, she caught sight of Ms. Kent stacking books on a shelf, and stopped. She studied her unknowing friend for a few minutes, then set her jaw and made herself a pledge.

"I don't know why Amazon Arrow, who only a few weeks ago had become increasingly power-hungry and virtually omnipotent, suddenly believes she's a common librarian, but I'm going to get to the bottom of it. That's a promise, Chryseis!"


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