Strider Reboot Idea - Blue Dragon Map System Picture

This is an updated version of the map screen when you are on the Blue Dragon Station.
In the Strider NES game, you traveled from place to place on the Blue Dragon, the selected location is marked by a little circle, save the Red Dragon, which was off the chart.

In my vision, the Blue Dragon from the NES game and the Strider HQ from the manga would be separate locations, the map is more detailed here and the name of the selected location appears by the cursor rather than than a separate monitor, as a mythology gag however, the text showing the location you pick would use the font of the NES game.
Starting after Episode VII in my vision, the Blue Dragon would serve as the Player's Headquarters.
The Strider HQ would serve this purpose during the Prologue Episode, Episodes I-II and Episodes VI.
The Safe House from Chapter 2 would also serve this role during Episodes III-V.
A Cave in China would be the last base used before the Blue Dragon and it would serve its purpose during Episode VII, which is after the heroes destroy the ZAIN Terminal in China in Episode VI.
The location selected is Moralos Island, but the mission there would be finished before you are on the Blue Dragon
I've placed Moralos Island in the South Pacific Ocean as it was mentioned to be in the South Seas.
The Functions of the Blue Dragon would mostly be the same, except that during the Final Episode, a space pod on board the Blue Dragon would take the heroes to the Red Dragon instead of being warped to there via the Transportation Device like Hiryu usually did on the NES game.

The map used came from here: [link]

Original version of the Blue Dragon Map System: [link]

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