Ask Me, Okay? Picture

Okay, just to get this out...I didn't draw the background. I would marry myself if I did, but I didn't, so me and myself stay single...before I confuse myself further, this is basically my idea. My Silly Little Succubus picture did pretty okay and since I needed practice with photoshop, I decided to draw out the scenes where each RRB meets their target (unknowingly). Since this one came out good and they're the leaders, I drew Blossom's Library Scene first. And here's Brick's narration, even though the story's told through the girls' perspective.

This entire day had been unproductive and annoying. I've already tried to squeeze some information from my classmates with no results. The girls all giggle 'oh, I don't know, maybe we could see' or something. The guys all talk about sports or girls or hot teachers...

This school is full of idiots, no wonder the graduation rates are so low.

I did, however, spot someone connected to this case. When I walked into my English Class, I was immediately astonished to see Bunadora Ning, who is usually addressed by Bunny. She was much prettier in person than on her photo...granted, the photo was taken without her knowledge and by a very crappy government camera. Her hair was pulled into a side ponytail with ringlets twisting down. She had on a purple tee-shirt that cut to above her stomach, giving me a clear view of pearly white skin. There was a picture of a cute white rabbit on her shirt and she had on jean shorts. She looked up at me and squeaked, blushing in shy embarrassment.

Okay, not my type, but I can see why two of those boys were crushing on her. She's adorable.

But, before I could talk to her, the bell rang and she was gone right after class, along with around ten of the boys in our class. We didn't cross paths again.

I only caught a glimpse of Bubbles Ning in Music. The other three girls never came close to me. And my team were just talking nonsense, all except Ben (of course). Boomer is practically smitten with Bubbles Ning, whom he was lucky enough to catch alone in the Art Room after a disasterous first meeting. I'd better watch him. Butch went on and on about what a @#$/^ Buttercup Ning is...then muttered that her German accent is cute. And Bull was wondering why Bunny had ran away from him at lunch when all he had said was "What's your name,". Poor girl must have major anxiety...I wonder if this has to do with the case. And Ben had not seen any of them, not even Bess who's rumored to zero in on new guys.

Well, to try and make up for such an uninformative day, I headed over to the Misty Falls Public Library. It's freakin' huge. But, as soon as I entered, I saw this loud chick with poofy red hair. She kept screaming at the librarian for giving her a late fee on a fashion magazine she had borrowed. The librarian looked unfazed as the girl snarled at her, saying that if she didn't remove it from her card, she'd have her "daddy" sue the pants off this place. I devided to just go about my business since the librarian seemed to have this under control. But, just as I was about to walk away, she noticed me and her large, puffy fro was in my face. She was now all smiles and cooes. "My name's Princess. What's yours, cutie?"

Insert eye twitch here, "Brick Jones..."

"You look new. I should know, since I know everyone here. I am, after all, the most popular girl here." Oh god...

"Just moved in a week and a half ago."

"Oh, it must be sooo hard being in a new place. You must feel so lonely. I feel lonely too. I dumped my last boyfriend fir being unfaithful. Have you ever had to do that? It's heartbreaking. I think I know what we both should do, we should be a couple. Oh, we'd be soooo cute together and we'd never feel lonely again! Why don't you come hang out at my daddy's mansion? We could swim in the indoor lake, then eat dinner at the indoor restaurant. Ooooor, we could go to my penthouse an-"

"Princess Morebucks, you, as always, are being too loud!" The librarian dragged her away like an angel dragging a demon back to Hell. Now that I finally have some peace, I wondered around the library, getting lost within its confines. I skimmed for a book on Misty Falls' history. After hours of seeing nothing but books in Latin, Spanish, Celtic, and other languages and then books about other menial things, I grunted in frustration. The library was a bust.

"Seriously," I muttered, "what town doesn't have at least one book on its history?" Then, a red book came into view. It was being held by a small, feminine looking hand that was covered in a black and pink striped fingerless glove. I looked up to see a girl. Who I knew...

Blossom Ning, the oldest of the five sisters. She was the Student Council President, head of the homecoming committee, and ruler of the school. She's even called "Queen Ruby" due to her middle name being Ruby. She was even better than her picture. She had this...regal, detached air about her that drew me in. She was a leader who took her time to mingle with her followers, she was beautiful, smart. Everyobe who loved even one of her sisters loved her too. I've even heard some of the older citizens talking about her.

And she is staring straight at me with an uninterested expression. Did I disturb her or something? Could it be that she knows why I'm here? Would that mean she's hiding something from me?

"If you need more help, don't be afraid to ask me, okay?" And with that she walked away, her black high heels gently clacking against the wood floors. I found myself following at a good distance. She went all around the library, picking up the most random books. She finally came to the Mythology section. Good, I can work with that. Mythology is one of my strong points. Just turn on the charm and-where'd she go?

It was like she vanished into thin air. I stared at that spot for five whole minutes....she was so quiet that I never noticed. "If you're going to stalk me," I spun around to see her standing close, looking me dead in the eye with a very...dangerous glare, "I'd like to know your name." I had to catcg my breathe.

"Brick Jones..."

"Ah, yes, one of the new students. You've been here a week and today is your first day at school. I appreciate a normal greeting before you so rudely follow me everywhere. And maybe a conversation. If you have anything you have to say to me, please gather your courage in a different way. I get...uncomfortable when boys I hardly know follow me like a lost dog. That aside, welcome to Misty Falls."

Oh yeah....this is gonna suck.

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