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Btw, this is the first time I've ever really truly attempted at drawing an animal. xDD;;

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Name: Kaelic

Age: In human form, looks 16-ish, true age unknown.

Sexuality: Unknown.

Species: Red Fox

Primary Power: Control over fire.

Secondary Power(s): Basic but very elementary control over wind/air/water [and ice].

Dorm: Terrestial Terrace

History/Description: Was born a normal, if not extremely curious, fox, in a thickly wooded forest area. He had an abundance of siblings, all of which were quite difficult for his mother handle. It would be unlikely for her to notice when one rather small pup wandered off into the forest alone. So when Kaelic did just this, it went quite unnoticed by his mother. So the peculiar fox scampered off into the unknown, quite curious to discover what was outside of his secluded home. He quickly became lost in the unfamiliar area, and his pace slowed as he checked his surroundings for anything recognizable, but alas, the poor child was lost. But his nose picked up on the smell of food, and grinning, he trampled his way towards the aroma. What he found when he reached the origin of such a delicious smell [mind you, he was quite hungry at this point; it was well past dinner time], he discovered a sort of cave. It was the cave of a neighboring town’s banished wizard; Kaelic. The fox began poking his nose around the wizard’s cave, looking for food. Accidentally, he knocked a very strange looking glass bottle over, and the glass and its contents splashed and splattered about the fox and the room. He heard a yell from behind him, and when he turned, he only caught a glimpse of the magician before he was knocked out with some sort of spell. When the fox woke up, he was a human; a collar studded around his neck and studded bracelets around his wrists. On his forearm were the letters “Kaelic” inscribed in a permanent, magic ink, so he assumed that was his name. He couldn’t remember anything at all – other than the fact that he was supposed to be a fox. When he finally noticed his surroundings, he realized that he was near some sort of civilization. Inspecting further, he discovered that it was Arcadium School. It took him a week or so of lurking in the forest to find out how to turn back into a fox, and to realize that he could control fire [he had yet to discover the other basic elemental powers accidentally caused by the incident in wizard Kaelic’s cave]. Eventually, he gathered the courage and let his curiosity consume him enough to check out the school.

Personality: Very very curious. And because of his memory loss, he’s quite spacey and quite easily distracted. Isn’t used to speaking aloud; often even forgets he has the ability to do this.

Other Facts: Can’t take off the collar. He doesn’t know why it’s there in the first place – obviously; he doesn’t know why he’s got these powers/why he’s part human in the first place. Doesn’t like to use his powers really, because he doesn’t have very much control of them.


Fall Courses:
-Writing and Literature 101
-Geology 101
-Introduction to the Elemental Arts: How to Harness Your Ability
…-Basic Fire Manipulation
-Circle of Life: The World’s Balance
-Athletics: Track and Field

Spring Courses:
-Advanced Composition
-Health and Sexual Education
-Introduction to the Elemental Arts: How to Harness Your Ability
…-Basic Water Manipulation
-Mythology and Lore 101
-Introduction to Art

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