2015: SAM ROSETTA LUNA (**Full file and Backstory) Picture

This is the STORY Sam not the original...
Sam was just at the age of 4 when her and her parents lived on Mobius in the underground country of Daemonaldor, where young Sam was raised by her mother, whom was the queen at the time. Cynthia was the name of Sam's mother, and she ruled over all of the Daemons ,a race where a Mobian is half Mobian, and half Monster. The Monster side of the bloodline is a mixture of dark and light energy similar to what demons and angel possess. (This race is very similar to that of the Daemons in Greek Mythology, though not EXACTLY the same) Each Daemon has the ability to control the forces of life and death and can even utilize the power of darkness and light to power themselves up to do very "interesting" things.... Daemons can live quite a long time and can even heal faster than normal Mobians. Sam was to become princess of the kingdom as it was to be passed down to her on her 18th birthday.
Sam's 5th birthday was a very special time for a Daemon's life. It was when they receive the their Bonding necklace for the first time, from their mother's to commemorate the love and son/daughter bloodline that will carry over to the next generation and so on. Cynthia had her Bonding necklace when she was Sam's age back when she was to become a princess as well... The Bonding necklace is a very legendary item, said to have been crafted from the Daemon god, Daezmond, using fragments of the Cosmic Emerald. The Cosmic Emerald (or as some might like to call it, the God Emerald) has been around ever since the New Genesis era had taken place... Ever since then the Emerald had been shattered to small fragments, and scattered across the Universe. Cynthia was just about to give Sam her Bonding necklace when, out of nowhere the country had gone under siege... An army called "The Metal Overlanders" had pressed an attack that had nearly wiped out all of the Daemon race. Cynthia's castle was set ablaze as she ordered one of her Daemon guards to take Sam to the surface, away from all of the purging. Sam watched in horror as she watched her home get destroyed and burn as her mother's fate was sealed. The guard and Sam had barely made it onto the surface only for the entrance to explode into an enormous fireball, killing the guard. Sam was traumatized as she watched the entrance of her once beautiful home... burn with red, grim flames... All Sam could do is sit there, crying her eyes out as she was all alone in the wilderness on the new land by the name of, "NeoTree island", which was located south of Flickie Island (Hawaii)
Sam was collapsed on the ground, as it felt like her soul was completely split in two... as she had the feeling of grief....and vengeance. When Sam had finally stopped crying, she stood up to try to calm herself down, as she was now facing the new threat of the Wild. Just then on the ground a sparkling rock caught her eyes. She looked down at it and bent over to pick it up. She then broke into tears of udder sadness once more as well as hope as that object that was in her hand... was Cynthia's Bonding necklace. For that point on, the new adventure of what may as well be the last Daemon's journey for destiny... and vengeance had begun.... although this is only half of the full adventure as she still has yet to bump into the Mobian that well help her reach her destiny as well as continue the circle of life...... She's very "Lucky" to be alive......
This was a summary of her origin as there's still a few more things that need to be covered later...

Sam Luna's Outfit
Now this is the first time in any pic I'm actually going to go over the character's outfit for those who are interested... We will cover her weapons, and her anatomy as well in this section....

You may have noticed her a few things about her face... She has a scar over her left eye. She received this in a fight that would've costed her life had Lucky not've saved her. (This event will be covered in the story) You may have also noticed that Sam has thicker eyebrows in this incarnation. She has this that way it's easier to see what emotion she's expressing right off the bat. She also has a beauty mark on her right cheek.
Sam's height is around 3'6 in this pic and only weighs about 35 kilograms (77 pounds). (she needs to be light for her wings to be able to lift her)
Sam is only 14 in this pic but has obviously "matured" already due to her Daemon body starting to slow her physical aging down.
Sam's wings are finally shaped appropriate to that of bat wings and they span to about 5 feet across.

Both of Sam's arms are different, one tan and the other blue... This look gives her more of a clarification on what arm is her weapon arm... she is Right handed, with her tan arm being her weapon arm as well as her writing hand.

Sam has a rare birth defect that causes her feet to be very much larger than the average female Mobian's, especially at her age.
The average 14 year old female mobian's shoe size is about 7... Sam's shoe size is doubled to a size of 14 and appear to continue to grow at a constant rate by a quarter of an inch every year when they were supposed to slow down at age 13.

In this incarnation of Sam Luna, instead of being French (like her original counterpart) in this universe she is Spanish and has sort of a Spanish accent.

Sam's weapons can range from melee to range...

On Sam's journey for vengence, she has been trained by special martial artist expert, Master Tigre since she was 6. Now she is at her peak physical strength as she knows nearly all of the Martial arts; Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Tegumi and even Sumo. The only one she doesn't know is Kendo as she doesn't have any training when it comes to body armor combat.

It's noted that Sam can kick REALLY HARD due to her large feet, her heel is the strongest part and she CAN break a few bones with just one kick!

While Sam does have training with Kyudo and Kobudo, she does not with Kendo.
Sam's weapon (which is at her side) contains one of her means of range...
(click on this link for the Weapon's full details) Sam's Weapon Complete

Sam has also heighten her agility so she can perform very fluid Freerunning or "Hardcore Parkour"
She can only glide with her wings as they are alittle bit too small for her to fly on her own.
Sam has become an expert with balance and stamina and can run for a long period of time.

As previously mentioned, Daemons have the ability to control dark and light energies to modify their talents and strength... Due to Sam's severe "PTSD" she has bottled up SO MUCH dark energy within her that she has created a form that she goes into upon events when she is in pure and udder rage, called Monster Sam. Monster Sam is a force to be reckoned with, She is a BIGGER version of Regular Sam with a Werehog like appearance... Most likely as a result of this form, Sam's outfit ruins and her Multi-Weapon is rarely used as it is replaced with Monster Sam's razor sharp claws on her hands and feet, and her sharp fangs that protrude from her mouth. Most of the time Sam loses all control in this form and usually goes into a Blood Rage, killing anything that stands in her way... even her allies.

This pic took around 8 hours to make and a lot of love was put into the background as it was NOT a pattern... I made it from scratch...
But overall I think this pic turned out great in my book and I also think I just about covered Sam's side in this Story... Next I shall do Lucky's!
Thanks for viewing!
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