Dr. Viktor Von Rasputin Picture

In the tradition of AMALGAM COMICS, which combined DC comics with Marvel comics, I present Dr. Von Rasputin, an amalgamation of Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four (Marvel) and Rasputin from Hellboy (Dark Horse comics).

This was made by photoshopping two action figures, a Marvel Legends Doom figure from Toybiz and a Rasputin Movie figure from Mezco Toys.

With a bonus backstory:


The History of Viktor Von Rasputin
By Aaron Allen

PART I: The Death and Life of Viktor V. Rasputin

Viktor Von Rasputin was born in 1872. His parents were wandering gypsies of Latvarian and Russian descent, and young Rasputin spent most of his early childhood traveling the Balkan mountain ranges of Europe. From the beginning it was clear that the boy had many gifts. He possessed keen intuition, intelligence, incredible personal magnetism and charisma, and an eerie wisdom beyond his years. His mother, a renowned gypsy healer, recognized the potential for the boy’s abilities and began schooling him in the mythology of the gypsies and the lost arts of practical magic. Enamored by the possibilities of the supernatural, young Rasputin threw himself into his studies, and it was not long before Rasputin gained reputation for his healing abilities and fortunetelling among the nomadic communities. But as Viktor aged, he grew increasingly bored and unsatisfied with the folk tales and herbal remedies that his mother had to offer. Sensing there was more knowledge and a deeper source to the powers he felt, he began to recognize the greater subconscious calling he had felt since he was born: a sensitivity towards some barley audible, ancient song emanating from beyond the skies and beyond time. At the age of eighteen, Viktor Von Rasputin forsook his gypsy lifestyle and went out into the world to seek more knowledge and follow this half-crazy music only he could hear.

Unsatisfied by conventional spiritualism, religion, and magical philosophy, Viktor V. Rasputin condemned them for being shamelessly incomplete, weak, and naïve because they focused on the obtaining of power from another being and did nothing explain the origins and use of the growing power he felt within himself. As a result, Rasputin delved into the world of the forbidden black arts. As a wandering peasant and self-styled holy man, Rasputin traveled across Europe and Asia, seeking out the most obscure texts, the most fringe cults and sects, and the most dangerous and disturbed masters of the occult on earth. Mastering the knowledge of each cult and greatly improving his mystical powers, Rasputin remained unsatisfied at every turn while the calling he felt inside grew stronger. Wild-eyed and unkempt, Rasputin became volatile, frustrated, egomaniacal, and erratic, consequently leading him to be shunned by conventional religious communities. His hedonistic exploits of drinking, womanizing, and wild behavior were so legendary across Europe he became known as the “mad monk”.

Feeling himself more and more drawn to Russia between the years 1903 and 1904, Rasputin set up a religious practice in Russia and came in to contact with the royal family of Czar Nicholas II. Despite Rasputin’s shadowy reputation, he was summoned in 1908 by the desperate Czar to try and heal his son, Alexis. In 1905, Rasputin laid his hands on the boy and, in an instant, preformed the most amazing healing he had ever achieved. In an instant, the boy was completely healed of his hemophilia. And in an instant, the world would be forever changed.

Viktor Von Rasputin soon became a fixture in the royal household and a particular confidante (presumably more sexual than platonic) to Alexandra, the Czar’s wife. To Viktor, something felt right about these turns of events. Something fated. In fact, fate soon intervened on December 16th, 1916. Rasputin’s presence in the royal household, his hedonist debauchery, and his controversial stances on war, racism, and the Church, made Rasputin the most hated man in Russia among the upper levels of society. A growing group of aristocrats, lead by Prince Felix Youssoupoff, plotted to kill Rasputin and end his corrupting influence over the Czar’s political decisions and the moral integrity of the nation. The plan was relatively simple. Befriend by one of these aristocrats, Rasputin was lured to the palace with the promise of sex and debauchery. Poison was initially chosen to end the days of Viktor Von Rasputin, the conspirators knowing full well of Rasputin's alcoholism. Strangely though, the poison had no effect. After two hours Felix became worried and excused himself from Rasputin's company to consult his fellow conspirators. Shortly he returned with a concealed pistol and shot Viktor Von Rasputin. Rasputin jerked convulsively and then fell still. When Felix came to check on the body, he found it still warm. He shook the body. There was no reaction. When Felix started turning away, he noticed Rasputin's left eye start to flutter open. He was still alive! How could he be alive?

Rasputin sprang to his feet and rushed at Felix, grabbing his shoulders and neck, struggling to strangle him. Felix managed to get free and Rasputin fled across the courtyard with his assassins in pursuit. Pursued by one of the best marksmen in Russia, the first two shots failed to hit Rasputin. Finally, the third bullet found its mark, hitting Rasputin in the back. Rasputin stopped and was fired upon numerous times, mostly in the head and face. Despite this assault, Rasputin continued to crawl. Rasputin's struggling body was brought inside and, for some reason, the sight of Rasputin's severely mutilated face put Felix into a rage. Legend has it that, on his deathbed, Felix was reported to have seen something worse than the devil in those eyes. Felix grabbed a two-pound dumbbell and began to indiscriminately beat the body while others stabbed with knives. When Felix was finally pulled off, he was splattered with blood. Considering this ordeal to be at an end the conspirators wrapped Rasputin's body in a rug and loaded it into the boot of a car. Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich and Dr. Lazavert then drove the body to the Malaya Nevka river. When the Dr. Lazavert examined the body to secure Rasputin’s death, he was shocked to hear the faint beat of Rasputin’s heart. And the body moved. Some say it whispered curses. Terrified and confused, Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich and Dr. Lazavert launched Rasputin's body over the bridge where it struck projecting beams in-flight that dislodged some of the weights secured to the body in order to insure that it did not float. Consequently, Rasputin's body floated downstream for sometime before sinking into the icy waters. His body was never recovered, but investigators recovered the rug he had been wrapped in and the bindings that, inexplicably, had been untied. He was presumed dead.

But he was not dead. During the assassination, something came alive in Viktor Von Rasputin. As his betrayers savagely ravaged his body with bullets, bats, and knives, something spoke to Rasputin. The voice that had been singing to him since his birth finally revealed its name: the Ogdru-Galactas.

Ogdru-Galactas – The seven who are one. The ancient devourer of worlds. Imprisoned beyond space, beyond time, and beyond sanity. Born into chaos – Ogdru-Galactas – and the beast of the apocalypse. Touched by the Ogdru-Galactas, Rasputin’s fading life was reborn. Chosen as its emissary, Rasputin realized his true purpose was to act as the key to the apocalypse and the great leveling of the earth. Reborn and his body rebuilt, he rose from the icy waters of death to begin life anew. Heeding one message from his master he disappeared into history for several years. The message:

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which we have prepared. Heed the revolution of the machine, for it is the twilight of man. Go forth unto us and touch us with your mighty hand. And you shall never die.”

PART II: Of Man and Machine

In 1918, as the world recovered from the First World War, a twenty-year-old scholar by the name of Victor Van Damme immigrated to America. A genius student of philosophy and the sciences, Damme’s genius and contributions to the fields of chemistry, physics, and technology had garnered him a lot of attention from American universities and the American government. When the Dean of Science from State University heard of his scientific accomplishments, most notably the development complex weaponry, protective devices, and atomic theory far beyond anything available at the time, Damme was offered a scholarship, which Victor V. Damme gladly accepted.

No one suspected that Damme was actually the Viktor Von Rasputin of legend. Reborn by the Ogdru-Galactas and given a new, younger body, when the Ogdru-Galactas had saved Rasputin from death, he had been catapulted him into a new realm of self-awareness and magical power. If his power and knowledge had been a spark before his death, being touched by the abyss had turned it into a wildfire. Using his newfound depths of powers and communion with the Ogdru-Galactas, Rasputin went into hiding, mastering his skills, disciplining his mind and body, and diving the future for the moment in which to release the Ogdru-Galactus from its celestial prison. Gone was the frustrated and hedonistic Rasputin of old, and in his place was a cold, disciplined, focused young man with a mission. Along with magic, Rasputin had began to develop his genius in science and technology, foreseeing that great technological advances in the future would bring him closer to his goal and it was the wishes of the Ogdru-Galactas to embrace the science of men. By day, he was Victor V. Damme, scientific genius and developer. By night, he was Rasputin, the mad monk and master of the dark arts of sorcery. Together, he hoped to combine the powers of science and sorcery as no one had ever dreamed possible, and leash this power on the world through the release of his master. He forged a new identity, and headed for America.

Rasputin took his chance at State University to learn all he could about science and reap the rewards of funding and atomic materials he could not acquire in Europe. During his stay in America, he earned several doctoral degrees. While studying there, he met and cultivated his love/hate relationship for the other top student at the school, Abraham Richards, later known as Mr. Fantastic of the B.P.R.D. Like Rasputin, Richards too was interested in fusing the occult with machines. Both students confided in one another about their forbidden and scoffed at interests, forming a tenuous partnership as they studied science and, on the side, shared their knowledge of the occult and its application with science. Rasputin was reclusive and never let on to his real identity, the scope of his power, and the real reason he was studying in America. Richards, on the other hand, was very outgoing and intelligent, wishing to fuse his understanding of the paranormal with science in order to better mankind by expanding humanity’s perceptions and abilities. From time to time, Abraham Richards, who was always in awe of Damme/Rasputin, would help Rasputin on his personal experiments, with no knowledge of what dark uses Rasputin would put their discoveries to in the future. Rasputin hated having Abraham so dangerously close to his personal work, but knew that Abraham was brilliant and had his own unique contributions to make that Rasputin could never come up with, although he would never admit it.

One night, Rasputin was working on a rudimentary magic-energy amplifier, when Richards, who had been coming by Rasputin’s home more and more often out of curiosity for Rasputin’s bizarre personal projects, noticed some possibly fundamental flaws in Rasputin’s calculations. Damme dismissed Abraham’s observations outright, thinking that he was far beyond making such a trivial mistake, and foolishly discounted the errors entirely. Feeling he had learned all he could from Abraham, and Abraham’s curiosity had becoming a dangerous liability, Rasputin refused to have anything to do with Richards, and continued on with his experiments in secrecy. Abraham never had the chance to press upon Rasputin the serious ramifications of those flaws because, shortly after, Rasputin was expelled from the University and deported back to Europe when officials became aware of his dangerous scientific experiments and unauthorized access to hazardous chemicals and atomic elements. He was also accused of keeping company with the burdening fascist movements in America and Europe. Rasputin denounced the college and left the United States to go back to Germany for the next phase in his plan, knowing that soon he would have revenge on them all when the world was brought before the Ogdru-Galactas.

While in America, Dr. Viktor Von Rasputin, ever youthful and focused, had attached himself to the fledging National Socialist Worker’s Party as an anonymous, overseas financial backer. He encouraged the growth of this party, which would soon become the Nazi party, because he had foreseen it’s apocalyptic coming and knew the release of Ogdru-Galactas was immanent. At first, Dr. Rasputin and influenced Adolph Hitler from afar, but when Rasputin returned to Germany after his expulsion, he found that Hitler and the Nazi party had become more seriously interested in the occult. They had sensed the coming of the Ogdru-Galactas, and the occult began to fuel their ideology. Shedding his Van Damme identity, Dr. Rasputin soon became Hitler’s personal spiritual advisor, working many of the party’s decisions from behind the scenes. Just as he had done in Russia fourteen years previous, Dr. Rasputin was again the puppet master for an entire nation. Encouraging genocide, war, oppression, and brutality because it would create an atmosphere suitable for the coming of the devourer of worlds, Dr. Rasputin nevertheless knew that Nazism was destined to fail. His objective was not to see it succeed, but manipulate its military aims against Europe and America in order to secure more funds, more materials, and more scientific minds to help him bring about the apocalypse.

Under the codename “Project Ragna Rok,” Dr. Rasputin promised Hitler that he could deliverer an atomic weapon more powerful than that of conventional science as it would fused with sorcery and magic, in essence a true doomsday device. Hitler gave Dr. Rasputin almost free rein over the project while Dr. Rasputin kept Hitler pacified and always oblivious to his true intentions. Using atomic power and sorcery, Dr. Rasputin had constructed, along with other Nazi occultists and scientists, a device that would infinitely amplify his powers. He conceived of a technological suit of armour made from a rare magical alloy, that when worn, could channel all his powers into large projection device attached to the hand that was powered by a small nuclear reactor and Rasputin’s own life force. The project members dubbed this device, “The Hand of Doom.”

PART III: Ragna Rok (The Fatal Destiny)

On Dec. 23, 1944, at Tarmagant Island, off the Scottish coast, Dr. Rasputin and his team prepare to performs the ritual of Project Ragna Rok in an attempt to release Ogdru-Galactas, the seven who are one, from its celestial prison. While Hitler struggled with maintaining the war, a secret team of Nazi scientists and occultists more loyal to Rasputin than the Fuehrer oversaw Project Ragna Rok. Although not all his followers knew the true aims of the project, they all knew that Rasputin was on the brink of something earth shattering. In whispered hallways, he was known as “Dr. Doom.”

That night, Rasputin dawns his magical armour, both to protect himself from the volatile energies at work and to channel his own awesome power, and readies the Hand of Doom, with which he will rend the sky, rape the heavens, and finally touch his long sought after master. It’s a dark, rainy night, and the plan is set into motion as the ritual incantations begin and the machines are activated. Fortunately for the world, Dr. Rasputin is not alone on Tarmagant Island. Unbeknownst to the Nazis, America has dispatched an experimental team of soldiers and paranormal investigators to stop them. Created in the face of growing occult interest in the Nazi party and the undeniable reality of the supernatural, the American government commissioned a secret Department of Paranormal Research to bring together the best and brightest paranormal researches, scientists, and soldiers to combat the Nazi threat. Leading the team is none other than Dr. Abraham Richards. Along with him is his best friend Ben J. Rama, a professional monster hunter; Liz Storm, a pyrokenetisist and paranormal researcher; Sue Kraus, a medium and psychic telepath; and Captain Liberty, a specially trained and self-styled superhero military commander. They arrive to witness the skies in turmoil and a great breach being driven through the clouds. A deep, dark whole is being etched into the sky, and the air around them trembles. The source of the disturbance, on the ground, is an intense, masked figure with a giant mechanical hand, in shining silver armour and a flapping green cloak. From a raised platform, connection by tubes and wires to a jungle of machinery, he is blasting enormous amounts of energy and atomic rays into the sky, arching across the sky like bright yellow lighting. It is taking all his power and concentration to maintain the power level and summon the Ogdru-Galactas, so he does not sense the presence of his old partner, Abraham Richards.

The moment Abraham sees the Hand of Doom, he does not need a psychic to tell him that Dr. Rasputin, or Von Damme, is behind it, although Sue Kraus senses the evil on the verge of being born. Even worse, Richards knows from his own calculations that whatever apocalyptic thing Rasputin is trying to achieve, it will not work. The glove is unstable. The conduits and relays are not sufficient to maintain and administer the amount of power it is taking for Rasputin to breach the fabric of space and time. No matter what comes through that hole in the sky, if the glove overheats and backfires a surge of energy, the world will be doomed. The fallout would turn everything to ash. But should he succeed, the apocalypse will have begon. A real lose-lose situation. Confident in his ability to disarm the nuclear power generator, thus cutting off Rasputin’s major power source, Abraham Richards makes a plan and the squad rushes over the ridge and into battle for the first time. Many lose their lives. The Nazi soldiers fight with incredible abandon, but the Americans push them back. Sue lays down a psychic blanket to cloak Abraham and Liz’s presence as they rush towards the platform. Ben Rama lays down some fire from a machine gun turret to help Captain Liberty thin out the Nazis.

It is too late. Although Abraham Richards and Liz Storm are able to decrease the nuclear capacity substantially, the process is too far in advance. The portal is wide open, like the eye of a shark, and the unholy form of the Ogdru-Galactas is beginning to crown. The portal is creating a kind of feedback loop where the energy projected by Rasputin is being amplified by the Ogdru-Galactas and then rebroadcast through Rasputin’s body and mind, growing more and more intense. He’s beginning to lose his grip on the power. His knees are buckling, the armor is too hot, and the glove is too heavy. He can’t stand the force of the feedback loop. The Ogdru-Galactas is in his head now, squeezing his brain, sucking him dry. Sue and Ben rush forward to pull Abraham and Liz back, but Abraham Richards can see the catastrophe unfolding step by step. First, a circuit on the glove shorts out, spraying sparks. Then, the portal of the Ogdru-Galactas snaps shut, cutting a thunderclap across the sky. Without a target for all the atomic and magical energy and power flowing from Rasputin, the portal, and the ambient energy in the atmosphere to focus on, it rushes back with the power of an atomic bomb into the most receptive vesicle….Dr. Viktor Von Rasputin.

At the last second, Sue Kraus, sensing what was about to happen, throws up a mental energy shield around her, Abraham Richards, Liz Storm, and Ben J. Rama to protect them from the blast. The energy tears through Rasputin as he screamed in fury and pain. Inside his armour, Rasputin’s body was reduced to ash in a flash, and without a physical body, the energy exploded outwards. In one of the greatest disasters of history, Rasputin became the focal point for an atomic/magic explosion that destroyed Tarmagant Island, Scotland, most of Ireland, and boiled the surrounding seas. Thanks to the efforts of Abraham Richards, the nuclear fallout was minimal; however, the magical properties of the explosion would have more widespread and unpredictable effects for a long time to come. Miraculously, thanks to Sue Kraus’ shield, only Abraham, Liz, Ben, and Sue survived, but they were changed forever The mixture of radiation, magic, and cosmic rays emanating from Rasputin penetrated their bodies and transformed them into fantastic creatures with even more uncanny supernatural powers. As a team, they would go on to form the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D). But that’s another story.

And what of Dr. Viktor Von Rasputin, the man who would bring about the end of the world? No remains of his body or his armour were found, and he was presumed disintegrated and dead. How could anyone survive that? As the focal point of the blast, his body was indeed disintegrated, but his armour, the conduit for the power, remained intact. The blast was so powerful, that it created a brief tear in the fabric of space, and his armour suit was through it, leaving no trace of its existence behind. Floating somewhere between space and time, the empty vessel of Rasputin’s technology drifts aimlessly through the icy stars, like the he once did down the Malaya Nevka river. Although the body is gone, the spirit is perpetual. Imprinted on this mechanical vessel by the blast, the spirit follows the body in sleep until it hears that familiar voice, that comforting song of chaos. The music of the Ogdru-Galactas stirs the spirit from slumber, compelling it to fill the artificial vessel and make it live again. Slowly, fading back into the mortal world, Rasputin awakes from its dreams of revenge against the world and Abraham Richards, who had humiliated him. Every time he dies, he brings a little bit more of the Ogdru-Galactas back with him. He opens his eyes and raises his new steel fingers, clutching them into a fist.

And he shall never die.
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