Watercolor Aokigahara and Mt. Fuji Picture

I read about a place named Aokigahara, in Japan, near the mount Fuji.

It's world wide know because the number of suicides that there occur, I felt sadness when I knew about this place but also so much curiosity about that place because it's full of mystery and has so many histories (mythological tales, narrated tours, testimonies of visitors that had the courage to spend the night there).

I don't want to recommend sites about this place because sometimes there are photo shoots that take extremely explicit photos (nothing like gore or splatter things, I mean dead bodies that were there for weeks, months or even years; the things that they use to commit suicide, etc.), so if you want to know more about this place you just have to google it, but discretion is recommended.

So I decided to make a little landscape as a tribute to these place and the many souls that leave this world there.
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