Soulcalibur - Sophitia Picture

Sophitia from Soulcalibur.

I guess many of you may not have recognize her, for her second costume in sc3 is not the best known, and what's more I've once again changed the colors!!!

I'd like to say also a word to my hellsing watchers, who may be worried not to have had hellsing fanarts this week and may start thinking I've stopped hellsing fanarts!! That's not the case guys!! I'm not doing soulcalibur fanarts because I've no longer ideas for hellsing, I just want to do something different, as I love this videogame, but soon there'll be hellsing fanarts and I promise they'll be worthing the waiting.

And for my Oniisama E watchers, I have a new comic for you that I'll put as soon as it is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark places brushes by Creepy Doll :creepydoll:
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