Fieja -- Muse Picture

This is my entry for *KyraShangea's muse contest.

Welcome, Fieja, my muse.

Physical Description:
She is one of the faerie realm. She only has one set of upper wings (which are semi-transparent. These wings are her portals to the many realms. They appear cosmic, but always seem as if they are untouchable.

Her hair drips all the colors of human hair, and then some of the faeries. The colors blend and shift as she moves, seemingly made of yarn, but at the touch the strands are softer than silk. The colors are the source of the inspiration she gives. Each color has its own mood, and must be shown.

Her eyes are covered, for she is blind. This is based off mythology, for in most tales to see the truth is to loose your sight. Therefore she wears a light blue scarf over her eyes, in order to help those find what is really in their hearts. [This also has a person reference, for I am a Libra, and the Libra is the scales. The woman holding the scales usually is blindfolded, for justice too searches for the truth].

Her skin is blank (like a canvas), never dirtied by the thoughts of impurity.

Her clothes implement the elements. Her shirt represents the plant life, from the band hangs music notes. As she travels they jingle like a wind-chime, so she always has music wherever she goes. The skirt is all life-force. Water. It flows, constantly changing.

The background is the realm where she waits. A wistful place, floating about in a constant bubbles (for they make her happy). A place between realms, a place to call her own.


Artist Notes:

This took me around or over two hours... I just suddenly got inspired what can I say? I know there's some anatomy errors, and I did my best to fix them. Her torso is supposed to be long, for the skirt is supposed to hang low.
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