Rosie Dusk SSPCE Picture

everyone should do this.
Rosie Dusk is such a beauuuutiful maaare

Name: Mikrobiya
Gender: Mare
Species: Epidemic Pony
Parents: /
Grandparents: /
History: Mikrobiya was born into the race of epidemic ponies on their home planet, quickly becoming their queen as she grew up and fought for the epidemics, to allow them to explore universes, to teach them how to control their powers.
Mikrobiya also is the first epidemic that was able to control all her powers
Personality: confident but quiet, prefers talk over a fight but is pretty good in both (thanks to her powers)
What He/Shes looking for in a mate: somepony that doesnt fret easily, and who is interested in new things. Somepony that wouldn't hate her or her race just because they can cause illness, or hate on any species for that matter
Talent: controlling her epidemic powers, showing non-epidemics the beauty in her race?
Likes: science, mythology, "nerd" for bacteria and viruses and the like, listening to others
Dislikes: quick-to-judge ponies, very noisy places, too clean places, hates not getting attention when she speaks to somepony

Name: Rondo
Gender: stallion
Species: Zebra
Parents: /
Grandparents: /
History: unknown history, was found alone as foal and raised by many until he found a place at Zecoras
Personality: Described as creepy by others because of the way he laughs, actually pretty sweet and loving. He often speaks in riddles though
What He/Shes looking for in a mate: somepony who would at least try and find out who he really his, somepony that would help him make his brews and potions and somepony he could do the same for... somepony that just cared for him despite his looks and behaviour
Talent: mixing brews
Likes: brews and potions, riddles, books, herbs and animals most find disgusting or scary
Dislikes: city noises, most modern things, ponies that directly look every answer up to solve a riddle, too much sun and too hot weather, ponies that prejudice

base by RAINBOWcolorz
Rosie Dusk by Hollowolfpup
Mikrobiya and Rondo by moi

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