Passing the river Picture

The night was cold and calm and the gelding was grazing on the pasture together with the others. He stood a bit away from the others since he didn't like to be with them. He wasn't used to have company and so he still prefered the solitude. Far in the distance you could hear the church bells ring. For a moment he raised his head and snorted. Small clouds left his nostrils and he pricked his ears. His hearing wasn't the best but his sight was great and so he saw something the others didn't notice. A light far far away. A car light. It was moving like one so it must be one. The gelding watched it for a while but something was different from other car lights he already saw. It was now fixed on a place but it didn't blink out. Even after nearly half an hour it was still shining with the same intense. He didn't knew why but he had the feeling that he need to go there to look what happened. The other horses took already place in the grass to sleep and so they didn't notice how he was wandering into the direction of the fence nor did they notice that he was jumping over it. He trotted through the long harvested fields away from the stable grounds towards the lake where the light came from. As he reached the shores something caught his eye. There was a men standing wrapped in a long red cloak his eyes covered by a black blindfold. His ivory skin was shining like a pearl in the light of the car spots. Something inside the horse wanted to flee but something else felt itself attracted by that man and so the gelding walked nearer.

"Hush. You don't need to be scared.", the man said and the gelding could see that he was talking with a small light that was floating over his open hands.

"It's alright. They pain you suffered from is gone and you will find your rest.", he whispered and the shine of the light became brighter. The eyes of the horse fell onto the water and what he could see there made him realize who that man was.

In the middle of the lake was a body floating on the water. A dead body. The horse got scared and reared up. The man in the red cloak turned around and looked into the direction of the horse.

*You don't need to be scared either.*, he whispered and the horse stopped rearing and looked at him with surprise.

*You can speak my language and hear my voice?*, the gelding asked and the man smiled.

*Of course. I can speak every language not matter if it's the one of a living or the one of an nonliving being. And I'm able to hear those noises and voices nobody else may hear.*, he replied still carrying the small light like it was a precious treasure.

Curiosity toke the gelding over and he came nearer to both, the man and the little light.

*What is this?*, he asked and pricked his ears.

*This is Andrew Brown. He's born on 21st December 1984 at exactly 7.30 pm. His death date is today at 12.30 pm so twenty minutes ago.*, the man replied.

*Does that mean this is his soul? But why did he die?*, the horse asked.

*Yes. Andrew Brown's last years were filled with pain. He lost his baby daughter,his wife cheated on him and as they got divorced she got sole custody. He hasn't seen his son for about two years now and last week his best and only friend died during a car accident. He felt alone and helpless and today he decided to put an end on his life.*, he explained.

*Does that mean you guide him to afterlife now?*, the horse asked again but the man shook his head.

*No. For people like him who end their life earlier than it should end was no place in the afterworld. Neither heaven nor hell want them. Hell doesn't take them in because the act out of despair and not because they are evil and heaven don't want because the didn't follow the path they should. People like Andrew Brown are cursed to never find peace but since it's unfair to my eyes to let them suffer even more than they already suffered during their life I came to take him in. He will become one with me and find his peace inside my body.*, the man explained.

*Inside you? Does that mean you are a god of death?*, the gelding said and the red haired man shook his head again.

*No. There's no god of death. There's only death and death is me and my brothers. All the gods and reapers are only workers that guide and harvest souls for us so that we could take care of those who won't find rest. But what about you? You aren't just a normal horse right? I can feel the powers that fight inside you. Two souls in one body.*, he said.

The gelding snorted. No he wasn't a normal horse and yes light and darkness were fighting inside him. Since his youngest foal age he was living with those two voices inside his head that are caught in an eternal battle with each other. To be no danger to other he started to live in a cave far away from all kind of living beings. Over the time he simply forgot what company was and how to live with others and now he was here surrounded by other horses and humans still fighting with himself every second.

*What's your name?*, the Death asked and the horse looked up.

*I have none.*, he replied.

The Death smiled for a moment and looked down to the soul in his open hands before he closed them and hold them onto his chest. Slowly the light became brighter and brighter. The red hair of the man started to waft slightly and the horse was sure he was closing his eyes behind his blindfold. Slowly the light got more and more wan until it was gone.

*Did it became one with you now?*, the gelding asked.

*Yes. Now he has found his rest and tomorrow when the sunlight will warm up the earth the other people will find what was left. They will come to take his empty body out of the water and through the driving permission in his purse that lies on the backseat of the car they will know that it was Andrew Brown who has drown himself in this lake.*, he answered and look back to the water surface and the corpse who was drifting there. He turned around an put one hand on the nose of the horse to stroke it gently.

*Say my friend.*, he started,*You are not used to company and prefer the solitude but you came here and stood with me until now. Your hearing is not the best and I'm blind. I need other people's eyes to see and you need other people's ears to hear. Don't you want to come with me? If you lend me your eyes to see what others can't see I will lend you my ears to hear what others can't hear and I will give you what you never had before. A name.*

The gelding looked at the Red Death. He enjoyed the soft stroke he got and he felt himself attracted by that man but he was unsure.

*Does that mean I have to die?*, he asked.

*No. If you pass the river with me you will loose your mortality and will become immortal. Once you pass it you will never be able to die anymore and stay at my kingdom for all eternity together with me.*, he said,*I give you the choice to say yes or no.*

*How much time will you grant me to decide?*, the gelding asked.

*Until the next fullmoon. When the moon became full again I will return and ask you again.*, the Death replied.

The gelding nodded his head.

*We will see us than and I will use the time you granted me to think well if I shall pass the river or not.*, he said.


Oh my God!
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