Digi-Contest Entry 3 Picture

Third of four of ~jadenyuukifangirl's contest entries.

Mega/Ultimate Level
Data Attribute
A wise Digimon of Olympian lore! This Digimon is said to have overcome adversities placed before him in very inventive and ingenius ways, gaining him the support of Minervamon, who sees him as one of her brightest pupils. He seems to scorn most of the other Olympus Twelve, though his reasons are unknown. The wings upon his back grant him the powers of flight and allow him to soar through the sky at breakneck speeds, but he never strays too close to the sun; it's been a point of speculation as to whether or not his wings are actually real, given their metallic sheen in the light. He wears the Golden Fleece upon his shoulders as a reminder of his past! His attacks are Aries Staff [where he unleashes a blast of ram-shaped energy from the gem on his staff] and Tartarus' Laybrinth [where he cracks the ground with his staff and creates a chasm that causes his opponents to falls straight into the deepest bowels of the Underworld Sector (based upon Tartarus, the deepest section of Hades in Greek mythology)]
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