MLP - Vidala Profile Sketch Picture

So, reading the Elements of Harmony book, the start of Equestria, made me see that there must be other places. Where else would a Griffon come from? Or the origins of the three versions of ponies when they came to colonize the land?

So I thought that the world was much more bigger than you actually see. So why not other species? You have Gilda and Discord and various others so in that line, I decided to create a new species.

I tried making a dragon, I wasn't happy with it. So I went with other creatures. This is a Yali, a Hindu creature with the head of a lion (I made it female, though), body of a cat (really, what's so different here?), the tusks of an elephant, and finally, the tail of a snake (rattlesnake tail, anyone?).

She has an accent (think Indian, since it's what her mythology is based upon). How she got to Equestria is up to debate, she'll spin stories around and around until you don't know if she's lying or actually telling the truth. She's a fierce predator, very focused and stern and quick and limber. She runs faster than most ponies (but not as fast as the Pegasus can fly).
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