Finally back home Picture

Sunset at Cape Sounion, Greece. In the top, the ruins of the temple of Poseidon.


So, I just got back from Greece. As a teenager, I recall reading many books and stories on Greek mythology, but I never dreamed of one day standing on the very site these myths supposedly took place. As I gazed upon the Mediterranean, I couldn't help but wonder how many heroes from those marvellous stories had crossed those deep blue waters in front of me or stood right where I was. It was somehow like seeing that book you love come to life right before you.

I read that this temple, located at the tip of the Attica, was the very first and last sight of civilization sailors would see when coming back or leaving Greece, hence the choice of title. Also, because one character that very often came to my mind was Ulysses, as I could always imagine him wandering that infinite sea surrounded by mountains, lost and helpless, in his venturous odyssey.
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