Rayon's Death (Part 2 of 8) Picture

You might not be familiar with Muse, since she's on our 'behind-the-scenes' crew. Muse (seen here, here, and here, among other places) is my source of inspiration. She's a less elegant version of the Nine Muses from Greek mythology, and supplies my brain with a steady stream of ideas. Because she's the source of the plots, most of the characters dislike her, since she's always causing trouble for them. The feeling is mutual: Muse hates Rayon the most, because he's always poking around in the story notebook, and diverting her scariest story ideas. She's tried to kill him off repeatedly, but it always fails, because he's too self-aware to fall for her traps. (Or I've stepped in.)

When she's not killing off people's parents or crafting gut-wrenching plot twists, Muse likes to throw raw eggs at people.

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