The Dragon Tapestry Picture

I know a thing or two on Chinese mythology. My mom worked as an educator at the Dallas Museum of Asian Art which meant that I, being at least 6 at the time, got an all access pass to everywhere in that place...

Enough about that! Chinese dragons (which is what Emmett is) CANNOT FLY. I need everyone to know that.
BUT with the power of the Dragon's Pearl (which looks more like a crystal ball), the can. But they have to be holding it in order to fly, which is where those talons come in handy.
I've always wanted to know what Emmett would look like if he were to be able to fly. He is smaller then the average Chinese dragon and his legs are short and he doesn't have talons. But I came up with this merry-go-round like design for him. Mainly, its just an old Chinese concept with a European twist
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