Pan Picture

Pan is a nature spirit that dates back to a time even before the Olympians. He fought with the Olympians against the Titans and his terrifying war cry struck terror in the hearts of his enemies. His name is associated with the Panic fear that spreads as mass hysteria.
Pan is the god of shepherding and of hunting and is often portrayed with a shepherd's crook. He is a lover of nature and all it's wild places. Plants sacred to him are the mountain beech tree and the pine tree. Some of the animals associated with him are the goat, the tortoise and bees, as he was also spoken of as being a bee-keeper.
Pan is also the god of fertility and of carnal desires.He is famous for his sexual prowess. Pan is a lover of wilderness and noise, music and dance.He carries with him a 7-reed pan-pipe that he fashioned after one of his would-be loves was turned into reeds to escape him.
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