X-Men: Shatiel Picture

I don't have much time for drawing recently, so instead of working on the big group pic I decided to upload the characters as I'm ready with them.

So here is Shatiel, an X-men oc (roughly) based on a friend's online alter ego.
Her username, 'Shatiel', is taken from the manga Angel Sanctuary and I always though it was purely fictional and with no mythologic background or source (and thus not really fitting for an X-men codename), but she told me that there is apparently an angel with a similar name, the angel of silence. (though I found no information about it...)
As she wanted to keep her name and because I always do what she says (*cough*) I redesigned her character a bit.
~KyubiTairitsu suggested (as he said: "cool, but completely useless") powers for her, so she's now able to neutralise sound waves.
What I didn't change was her haircolor, because I really like it, so excuse me now, I have to find a place to hide, as Shatie will doubtlessly kill me for making her character blond....
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