Hammer Down Picture

Strange enough, my stepbrother's (real) mother asked me to draw this. I really dislike that 'psycho-bitch' (as she's reffered to by my mother) but was being paid to do it... so I figured I'd do a good job. Supposively, this is going to be placed on the inner bicep of her friend's boyfriend. I don't know anything about him, nor what this tatto was supposed to mean, but I do have my own theory.
Possibly, this guy is either IN the armed forces or supports our war with Iraq. He asked for Thor's Hammer with the British and American flags encircling it. So, he's either an American that has ties to England and happens to like viking mythology, or it's more likely that this represents America and England putting the 'hammer down' on Iraq.
I made this in pencil, then pen, THEN ink, and eventually (after about 5 copies) I colored it on my 'Picture It' program. I thought it was pretty nifty, so I decided to shows it off.
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