Capricornus Picture

Oh wow, the picture quality here is terrible. It looks a lot better irl guys I swear.
Well not by much. XD
But anyways, tadaaaahhh! My first canvas painting ever! I have decided to give it to my mom as a birthday present, because of the mythology behind the Capricorn constallation. No, she's not a Capricorn but hear me out.

One explaination in Greek mythology of the origin of this Zodiac sign, is that it comes from when the Titan Cronos prophethized one of his children would overthrow him. So he ate his children.
His wife, Rhea, hid away their last son, Zeus, with a mother goat to keep him fed. When Zeus grew up, he overthrew his father and freed his siblings. Zeus also immortalized his mother goat by placing her in the stars.
Keep in mind this is just one of the stories of the Capricorn Zodiac, and because of this I thought it was a pretty appropriate gift to give to my mother. :3 Because the theme of mothers here. I suppose.
Oh well, the three months it took me to paint this were fun at least!
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