Loki's Punishment Picture

"Loki's Punishment", 2014
30x40 cm, water colour, ink and coffee on high grade water colour paper.

To suffer for his crimes and mischief (for more info on that, read the Edda), Loki was tied to a rock wall with the intestines of his own son, while a snake was placed above his head, dripping venom. His wife, Sigyn, held a bucket above Loki's head. However, every once in a while when the bucket was ful, she had to go and empty it, allowing the venom to drip freely on Loki's face. Whenever that happened, Loki would shake so badly that the Scandinavians believed this to be the cause of earth quakes. It is said, that one time, Loki will shake so violently that he will break free of his bonds - the start of Ragnarok.

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