he lost it to a tree Picture

I really don't like this one. = _ = I need to buy me some lighter skin colors (sis mixed them a bit, now they're darker) and some lighter grays. Stupid gay light purple shirt, I hate yew~ Though, I like the bricks.

His name is Awateru, or Ateru for short. New story for the lulz, named: Seeing Abridged. In short, he's a boy that loves silence and his fav place in the world is this tree that's grown through this old bridge. Though, every time he climbs the tree he gets injured. That's how he lost his eye. c; He wears a big red glove on his favored hand to protect it + some band aids. He also doesn't care for hiding his eyeless area.

Based on japanese mythology in a way. The tree is a Jubokko (vampire tree) and the idea of him wearing a red glove goes with Akateko (folklore, a red hand dangling down from a tree). Being one-eyed and loveing silence comes from the Hitotume-kozo ([link]) and the rest of him in Oni-ish.

I have two other mythology pimped friends for him~

I may scrap this.
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